Empowering Imagination

It’s our signature, our promise and our commitment as a Luxury Group. It’s the spirit that drives us, individually and collectively, in every aspect of our Group. It’s the value that we bring to our employees, our brands, our customers, and to society as a whole.

It’s putting creation at the heart of everything we do. By entrusting our Houses to uniquely talented individuals and giving them total creative freedom, a guarantee of creative risk-taking and sincerity. By offering our clients unique and authentic experiences that respond to their desires for affirmation and self-expression.

It’s enabling our Houses to continually push beyond their limits. By building an agile and integrated group that creates significant value and allowing our brands to pursue a long-term strategy. By providing our creative teams with the most sustainable and innovative raw materials and ensuring the conditions needed for exceptional performance.

It’s cultivating talent and promoting a culture of entrepreneurship. By accompanying each of our employees so that they reach their full potential. By encouraging diversity, equality and work-life balance—all of which are sources of creativity and excellence. By providing all employees with a stimulating and fulfilling work environment.

It’s committing to sustainable and responsible luxury. By making sustainable development central to our company culture and strategy. By working to defend the dignity of women and improve their living conditions. By setting ambitious goals in terms of social and environmental responsibility and doing everything in our power to attain them. By sharing our advances to promote better practices and new standards.

It’s the vision by which we live—a vision of Luxury that is modern, dynamic, creative and bold, inspiring the entire industry and creating desire, emotion and dreams.