Jeanrichard - Kering

Time: A philosophy of life.
A new way to appreciate time, promising the pleasure of discovery. JEANRICHARD has received a makeover with no pretensions beyond that essential claim to be attentive to its public and their aspirations.
Real time is the time you make your own, the time you win, and take possession of, and JEANRICHARD makes time an art of living.
In the distance, a horizon full of discoveries.
On the wrist, a JEANRICHARD watch. It places the whole wide world at your fingertips, stimulating you with the desire to explore it and be nourished with the headiness of meetings, cultures and nature. JEANRICHARD’s new collections speak of travel and independence, taking time off for oneself, and movement. They tell of footsteps left in the sand, gazing up at skyscrapers, the sense of a whole world out there to explore, appreciate and protect.
More than an exploration, a dynamic. More than a watch, a state of mind. And meanwhile, the whole of Swiss watchmaking expertise is concentrated in the smallest technical detail of the mechanical movements. In its wake, the design belongs to a world without compromise or ostentation. It conveys the enthusiasm which takes over at each new challenge and the spontaneity of a life lived intensely, with respect for the environment, for oneself and for others.
Dedicated to those who refute stereotypes and take on the world with taste and discernment, JEANRICHARD watches distill a philosophy of their own. They offer their time to seekers of authenticity, those who are conscious of exclusiveness and faithful to quality workmanship, and to those individuals who provide themselves with the means to live life to the fullest.
The heritage of adventure is still alive, turned towards new horizons.