#ICouldHaveBeen | White Ribbon 2017 campaign

Together with Italian YouTuber and actor Leonardo Decarli, discover the Kering Foundation’s 6th White Ribbon campaign #ICouldHaveBeen

When parents are expecting a child, they think of various names. We all have a girl name that was destined for us. We all could have been born a girl. Your name may be James, Alessandro or Wei. But you could have been Olivia, Chiara or Lì. We all could have been HER: the 1 in 3 girls and women who experience violence.   Join Leonardo at ICouldHaveBeen.org, enter the name you would have been given if you were born a girl – or enter the word HER if you are a girl – and share your photo.

Every voice is important.
It’s time to break the silence.
Together we can stop the violence.

More info: www.keringfoundation.org

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