Annual General Meeting

The 2018 Annual General Meeting took place on April 26, 2018.

Who can participate to the Annual General Meeting?

Any shareholder may attend the Annual General Meeting, so long as he holds at least one share by no later than the second business day preceding the date of the AGM.

Shareholders have to hold an admission card* or a share ownership certificate along with proof of identity to be admitted to attend and vote.

*Registered shareholders will be admitted simply by presenting proof of identity.

How to attend the Annual General Meeting?

You must provide evidence of your status of shareholder to attend the AGM, be represented by giving proxy to any individual or legal entity, or cast a postal vote.

Registered shareholders, your shares have to be registered with CACEIS, by no later than the second business day preceding the date of the AGM at 00:00, Paris time.
Bearer shareholders, you need to ask the financial institution that manages your Kering share account for a share ownership certificate by no later than the second business day preceding the date of the AGM at 00:00, Paris time.

Should you wish to attend the AGM, you must ask for an admission card that specifies your name, which will be immediately sent to you by mail. The admission card request can be made either by mail or online.

Shareholders who cannot attend the meeting in person can appoint a proxy or cast a postal or online vote (VOTACCESS website).

Please find below the guidelines to attend the Annual General Meeting, appoint a proxy or cast a postal vote:

By mail
By Internet
(VOTACCESS website)
1. Complete the Voting and proxy form attached to the Notice of meeting (to obtain an admission card, vote or appoint a proxy).
2. Date and sign the form at the bottom.
3. Return the form by mail using the envelope provided (prepaid postage in France) by CACEIS Corporate Trust.
- Pure registered: log on to CACEIS Corporate Trust’s OLIS-Actionnaire website with your login and password
- Administered registered: you have received your client reference number and your login from CACEIS Corporate Trust.
Using these access codes, you can create a password
2. Log on to the website.
3. Follow the instructions to print your admission card, to vote or to appoint a proxy.
Request an admission card
You must ask the financial institution that manages your Kering share account. The institution will send the share ownership certificate to CACEIS Corporate Trust. An admission card will be sent to you.
Vote by mail or proxy
You must ask the Voting and proxy form to the financial institution that manages your Kering share account, then return the completed form. The institution will send the form as well as the share ownership certificate to CACEIS Corporate Trust.
If your financial institution is a member of the VOTACCESS system:
1. Log on to your financial institution’s website with your usual login and password.
2. Click on the icon that appears on the line corresponding to your Kering shares.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to access the system.
If your financial institution is not a member of the VOTACCESS system:
1. Inform your financial institution of your intention to vote online and give your email address. The institution will send the information and the share ownership certificate to CACEIS Corporate Trust.
2. CACEIS Corporate Trust will send you your login and a password by email.
3. Log on to and follow the instructions.

You have not received your admission card in time for the Annual General Meeting?

Registered shareholder: simply present proof of identity.
Bearer shareholder: present proof of identity and the share ownership certificate provided by the financial institution managing your Kering share account.

In accordance with the applicable regulations:

- you may not return a form both appointing a proxy and casting a postal vote;
if you have already cast a postal vote, appointed a proxy or requested an admission card or share ownership certificate to attend the Annual General Meeting, you may not select another option.