Women in Motion

Launched in 2015 by Kering, in partnership with the Festival de Cannes, Women in Motion sets out to showcase the contribution of women to the film industry, whether in front of the camera or behind it.

The initiative is based on two pillars: Talks give major figures the opportunity to compare and contrast their experiences and viewpoints around the question of women’s contribution to cinema; and the two Women in Motion Awards are awarded each year to an inspiring figure, and to a young film industry professional.

To mark the 70th anniversary of the Cannes International Film Festival, from 17 to 28 May 2017, Kering, an official partner to the Festival has chosen a portrait of Isabelle Huppert for the official poster of the third annual Women in Motion programme.


As is still the case in far too many walks of life, women are under-represented and disadvantaged in the film world, despite their priceless contribution to everything that makes cinema what it is. Promoting gender equality lies at the heart of Kering’s priorities, which is why I am proud to be involved in this fight, alongside the Festival de Cannes.’

François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO of Kering


The ‘Women in Motion’ Talks: discussing the role and importance of women in film

During the first two editions of the ‘Women in Motion’ Talks, a number of high-profile men and women eagerly joined the debate: Jodie Foster, Juliette Binoche, Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Isabelle Huppert, Salma Hayek Pinault, Chloë Sevigny, Houda Benyamina, Melvil Poupaud, Agnès Varda as well as Frances McDormand, among others.
These discussions focused on a variety of questions, including the problem of financing for films directed by women or about women, inequalities in salary and the lack of representation of women and their work on screen.

In 2017, Women in Motion welcomed more than 300 guests to discussions on the role of women in cinema with Robin Wright, Isabelle Huppert, Yang Yang, Salma Hayek Pinault, Costa-Gavras, Kaouther Ben Hania and Diane Kruger , who was presented with the Best Actress Prize at the 70th Festival de Cannes for her interpretation in In the fade by Fatih Akin.

The ‘Women in Motion’ Awards: celebrating talented women

Kering and the Festival de Cannes are also awarded the Women in Motion Awards at the annual official event dinner. The first will go to an emblematic figure in film, whose career inspires others and embodies the programme’s values, while the Young Talents Award will be awarded to a promising rising film industry professional chosen by the first prize-winner.

In 2017, Isabelle Huppert received the Women in Motion Award and honored the director, Maysaloun Hamoud with the Young Talents Award at the official dinner hosted by 200 guests at Place de la Castre, which included Uma Thurman, Jessica Chastain and Catherine Deneuve.