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Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum

One of three current exhibitions on our obsession with riches and rarity, the V&A’s What is luxury? challenges our modern interpretation of this elusive but enthralling notion, as K reports.

L’Université de Hong Kong (HKU) est le premier établissement d’études supérieures à rejoindre la campagne HeForShe de l’ONU Femmes
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It is now generally agreed that women’s empowerment is essential for inclusive economic growth, soc...

McQueen liked my messy, dirty style

Nick Waplington

Exposition Treasured Possessions from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment / Nos chers objets, de la Renaissance aux Lumières, au Fitzwilliam Museum de la Cambridge University
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Three exhibitions this summer confirm our obsession with luxury. In London, the Victoria and Albert...

Expo Milan 2015 : alimentation, design et architecture, développement durable, femmes, Chine
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With its motto, ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, Expo focuses on food sustainably for an incr...

K Magazine - Le Deuxième Regard promotes gender parity in film
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Viewing films from a feminine perspective, and creating and defining the conditions for equal treat...

Women in Motion celebrates three extraordinary women

As part of the first edition of the ‘Women in Motion’ programme, designed to highlight and celebrate the contribution of women to cinema, and on the occasion of the Presidential Dinner which took place on Sunday 17 May, Kering and the Festival de Cannes celebrated the commitment and exceptional career of American actress, producer and philanthropist Jane Fonda, two-time Academy Award winner. Kering and the Festival de Cannes also honoured talented independent Hollywood producer Megan Ellison, founder of the production company Annapurna Pictures. 

Pierre Lescure, President of the Festival de Cannes, Thierry Frémaux, General Delegate of the Festival de Cannes, and François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO of Kering, gave the respective awards to both laureates of the evening: committed American actress and producer Jane Fonda, and American producer Megan Ellison. As co-hosts of the event, Kering and the Festival de Cannes also paid tribute to Olivia de Havilland, the first woman to be appointed President of the Jury of the Festival de Cannes in 1965, 50 years ago.

Celebrating the contribution of women to the film industry, the 17 May Presidential Dinner also marked the launch of the first edition of the Women in Motion initiative at the Festival de Cannes. By 2016, the programme will include two Women in Motion Awards: a first award honoring a remarkable contribution to the women’s cause, and a second one to distinguish a young and talented female film-maker, to help young talented women gain visibility and recognition in the film industry.

Photos by Andreas Rentz, Clemens Bilan and Venturelli / Getty Images for Kering
K Magazine - Dans les coulisses du Artemis Women in Action film festival
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Don’t let the success of The Hunger Games franchise fool you: women are still ignored in action fil...

Kering ITS 2015
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As awards ceremonies go, this one is something of a relief. The prestigious International Talent Su...

Kering Gucci arazzi
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The Prince of Dreams exhibition in Italy brings together, for the first time in 150 years, a series...

Kering Femmes réalisatrices noires
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Women of colour in film-making are grossly under-represented in mainstream cinema. The Oscar Academ...

We don't need help; we need money!

Frances McDormand

Kering Fashion on the Ration
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The transformative effect the hardships of war had on what women wore and how they felt about it ar...

K Magazine - Forum de la mode du British Fashion Council, Londres
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K magazine returns for the second Fashion Forum, held at London’s suitably grand Café Royal. The un...

K Magazine - Portrait de l’architecte italienne Raffaella Bortoluzzi
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Venice-born architect Raffaella Bortoluzzi has a penchant for spare interiors that manage to be war...

K Magazine - Découvrez les dernières tendances du luxe en direct du WWD Digital Forum à Londres
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Technology – and the way consumers use it to shop – is changing rapidly but the best way to sell st...

K Magazine - Le nouveau visage de l’industrie du cinéma, selon le Tribeca Film Institute
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The Tribeca Film Festival this year featured films by 30 female directors, the highest proportion (...