The light house over Paris

We talk to Pierre Bouissou as he prepares to host a photographic exhibition of Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto at Boucheron’s home. It coincides with the launch of the jeweller’s Hôtel de la Lumière collection.


Boucheron is celebrating the 120th anniversary of its Paris flagship store on Place Vendôme with the artist Sugimoto. Why this particular collaboration?

This collaboration is perfect for us in a number of ways. First, it honours the integral role art has always played in the history of Maison Boucheron. Our founder, Frédéric Boucheron, placed great importance on art and artists and nurtured his own creativity by surrounding himself with the very best in every artistic field. He sought to build bridges between the maison and the arts. We have carried on this tradition for 150 years.

Second, it represents a shared appreciation of light. Our south-facing location on 26 Place Vendôme was chosen by Frédéric for its exceptional luminosity throughout the day. And our new high jewellery collection, Hôtel de la lumière (the mansion of light) is an ode to light itself ─ the radiant stones and the brilliant beauty that shines through them.

The focus on light naturally inspired us to work with Hiroshi Sugimoto.


His imposing black-and-white seascape photographs are a meditation on light, water and air. By presenting these images to the public during the launch of our Lumière collection, we express the ‘art of light’ in two disciplines and maintain our historic connection with the arts.

Finally, the collaboration celebrates our Place Vendôme anniversary! Sugimoto’s work will be on display in the salons at 26 Place Vendôme, which will be open to the public for the very first time.


Japan seems to have a special resonance for Boucheron ─ the collaboration with floral artist Makoto Azuma earlier this year, for example. Can you describe what connects Boucheron to Japan and the Asian culture?

Maison Boucheron is very much attached to Japan. We share the same values of excellence and refinement, and have a mutual respect for beauty and nature.

This year, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our presence in Japan, we collaborated with plant sculptor Makoto Azuma on a special exhibition in Tokyo. He created extraordinary botanical environments in which we displayed nature-inspired jewels.

This was a fitting tribute to our long-standing friendship with Japan and our common appreciation for all things beautiful and innovative.


What led us to Hiroshi Sugimoto was more than simply our attachment to Japan. It was his artistic sensibility as one of the world’s most talented contemporary photographers. The seascape photographs that are part of his Revolution series are an ideal counterpoint to the pieces in our Hôtel de la Lumière high jewellery collection. The juxtaposition of these collections creates a uniquely powerful experience.


Will Boucheron continue its association with art and artists in the future? Are there any new collaborations you can tell us about?

Yes.The love affair between Boucheron and art will continue.


Frédéric Boucheron was a true arts patron who cultivated relationships with talented artists to build an inspired and inspiring maison. He never failed to thank artists publicly or to promote their talent by asking them to sign their work, which is fairly unusual!

Over the years Boucheron has honoured this legacy by spotlighting artists’ talent through collaborations and partnerships that inspire and enhance the maison. Today more than ever, we are committed to the effort.

Through our Artiste & Artisan du Rêve concept ─ an initiative aimed at maintaining a connection between Boucheron and art ─ we’ll continue to develop events and exhibitions related to contemporary and living art, like those done with Marc Newson a few years ago, Makoto Azuma a few months ago and Sugimoto today.

We like to keep our collaborations a surprise, so I will reveal no more than that…for now.


To book a place for the exhibit, go on the following link (places are limited) :