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Gucci launches an innovative sunglasses model made in liquid wood

The Brand interprets in a responsible way the modern consumer’s desire for sustainable fashion products.


Gucci launched sunglasses made from Liquid Wood, a biodegradable, eco-friendly material that represents an alternative to the plastic usually in the production of eyewear. Liquid Wood boasts a composition from bio-based materials: wood fibre from sustainably managed forests and lignin from the paper manufacturing process and natural wax.

The initial prototype in semi-matte black with shaded grey glass lenses has been developed using the bamboo-inspired frame, a must-have in the most recent Gucci eyewear collection that meets a revolutionary material true to Gucci’s commitment to environmental sustainability. In addition to the hinges, the small metal rings that outline the bamboo joints are made from recycled metal. Meanwhile, the mineral glass lenses enhance the elegant style of these large, wrap-around shaped sunglasses.


Together with Safilo the brand introduced a new FSC certified recyclable packaging for Gucci brand eyewear. The new cases were designed in a foldable format that reduces stocking space, which in turn limits the weight and number of loads to be shipped and help reduce CO2 emissions.

Additionally, with each purchase a customer will receive a leaflet with instructions for returning the case and an envelope printed with the address of a recycling centre, where it will be recycled.