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Sustainability in the spotlight at surf contests

As you hopefully witnessed, the Volcom Pipe Pro went off in fine form again earlier this year. The event saw some of the most impressive waves ever ridden at the world famous Banzai Pipeline, with surfers and competitors from around the globe on hand to experience what many are calling one of the best surf contests ever. 

Something else that went well was the event’s continued commitment to sustainability. Now it is all over, Volcom's NGO partner Sustainable Surf has issued their final evaluation of Pipe Pro, which has once again this year earned Deep Blue Surfing Event™ certification.


Volcom Fiji Pro

A Deep Blue Surfing Event™ is a more “ccean friendly” event, that helps to reduce direct threats to the sport of surfing from global climate change (such as the rise of sea levels, ocean acidification, and the loss of coral reefs), while directly addressing issues at the local level such as reducing waste usage and plastics pollution, improving water quality, protecting natural resources and building stronger communities.


The Deep Blue Surfing Event programme was born out of Sustainable Surf’s partnership with the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) – North America, which produced a set of green guidelines designed to significantly increase the environmental performance of an ASP surfing event. Events that choose the Deep Blue Surfing Event programme as a path for following the ASP’s new green guidelines – and that can meet the ASP’s recommended minimum goals for at least two of the five major categories of environmental impacts – are eligible to have their event designated as a Deep Blue Surfing Event.

"This is a really important event for us and we are dedicated to doing it right across the board," said Ryan Immegart, Volcom's SVP of Marketing. "Sustainability is a top priority for the company, and the Volcom Pipe Pro is a perfect opportunity for us to take this focus to the next level."

By partnering with select non-profit organisations, Volcom is able to accomplish a number of objectives during the event including:

  • Partnering with SustainableSurf.Org and following the ASP's green event guidelines. Volcom's Fiji Pro became the first, official Deep Blue Surfing Event in ASP World Championship Tour history back in 2012.
  • Running a carbon neutral event by offsetting the carbon footprint of the surf contest with
  • Promoting sustainable surf tourism with the launch of Surf Credits, a programme where surf travellers can give back socially and environmentally to places they travel.
  • Raising funds and awareness for local partner associations who distribute medicine, clothing, school supplies and other necessities to many agencies throughout the locality via our Giveback Series.
  • Delivering clean water to local residents in partnership with local organisations,  the joint effort will outfit two local villages and their schools with clean drinking water filters.

Volcom Fiji Pro

Read the full report here at SustainableSurf.Org and check out some of the highlights at and