Sustainability – at the heart of what we do

Kering empowers an ensemble of brands to reach their full growth potential in the most imaginative and sustainable manner. The same vision that drives the Group’s business strategy drives our commitment to environmental and social sustainability. We are propelling our brands to lead with new business models that contribute to a better world economically, socially and environmentally.

"Kering sustainability department is supporting the brands to achieve the highest standards of sustainable business practices. While we focus on attaining our 2016 Group targets, we are leveraging the inherent creativity that is synonymous with our Group."

Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of international institutional affairs


Creating value through sustainability
Sustainability is quintessential to the quality of our products. It creates value and represents:

  • Long-term differentiation
  • New business development
  • A spur for innovation
  • Efficiency opportunities
  • A factor in attracting and retaining the best employees

We all have a role to play
Our sustainability engagement is intrinsic to our organisation and has clear goals. We encourage every employee to play a part in making sustainability a reality, from the sustainable development committee of the Kering board of directors to the CEOs of every brand.

The ‘Kering effect’
The Kering sustainability department acts as a platform of resources to complement the brands’ own activities:

  • 15 in-house experts who provide knowledge and guidance, operational synergies and economies of scale that help the brands develop more sustainable practices
  • A network of sustainability leads in each brand

Freedom within a framework
We give our brands a common base of targets and guidelines for their actions in sustainability to ensure the highest level of best practice is reached across the Group, while letting each brand create the specific solutions most relevant to its business.

Empowering imagination
In sustainability, this means spurring the brands to innovate with processes and products that have more positive social and environmental impact, while ensuring they stay true to their own identity and values.

A multi-tiered action plan
By 2016 we will have rolled out a Group Environmental Profit & Loss (E P&L) account across all of our brands, the first time a global group of companies has undertaken such an analysis. This will:

  • Measure the environmental impact across our own entire supply chain
  • Provide a monetary valuation of this impact

Kering has defined a number of quantifiable targets for 2016 relating to:

  • Raw materials sourcing
  • Paper and packaging
  • Water use, waste and carbon emissions and hazardous chemicals
  • Supplier employment practices

All this while offsetting our remaining CO2 emissions and supporting suppliers in their progress.

Beyond social compliance
Social sustainability encompasses attention to working conditions and the need to preserve artisanal businesses. We audit our suppliers and help them reach the standards laid out in our code of conduct.

We are dedicated to fighting violence against women and empowering them to contribute to the development of their family and community. To complement our brands’ own initiatives, we established the Kering Foundation.

The power of sustainability
Our entrepreneurial culture, our ability to harness creativity and our promise to grow in a sustainable way make Kering a leader in value creation.