An Environmental Profit & Loss account (EP&L) allows a company to measure in € value the costs and benefits it generates for the environment, and in turn make more sustainable business decisions. 


What is an E P&L?

An Environmental Profit & Loss Account facilitates a better way of thinking

and is an innovative tool imagined by Kering

it measures the environmental footprint

in our own operations and across our entire supply chain

and then calculates its monetary value

What is
the purpose of the E P&L?

Understand where impacts are
Develop a knowledgeable decision-making process
Steer our business strategy in a responsible way
Strengthen our business and manage risks for the future
Be transparent with stakeholders

Understanding our footprint

To measure our true environmental footprint we examine:

Carbon emissions Water use Water pollution Land use Air pollution Waste

And to really understand our impact
we analyse these elements throughout our value chain:

Raw materials Processing Manufacturing Assembly Operations & Retail

Translation into monetary value

We analyse the environmental outcomes and their impact on people

The data collected is translated into a monetary value in order to truly measure and provide a comprehensive view of the cost of our activity

Why is it relevant to give a monetary value to our environmental footprint?
Because it allows us to compare our environmental performance:

In different areas of the business The results are easier to read for executives and stakeholders
Between our
different impacts
It shows where is best to implement initiatives
Over time It shows where we are making progress and how we can decrease our footprint