Promote diversity

While Kering addresses the issue of diversity in all its aspects, particular emphasis is placed on advancing gender equality.

In line with its commitment in favor of women embodied by the Kering Foundation which combats Violence Against Women, in 2010, the Group was one of the first companies in France to sign the Women’s Empowerment Principles, drafted by UN Women and the United Nations Global Compact. These Principles offer guidance on how to empower women in the company, and more generally, in the community.

The same year, Kering launched in 2010 its Leadership & Gender Diversity programme in order to promote the access of women to the top positions and, more generally, to distill a culture of gender equality within the Group.

The Leadership & Gender Diversity programme focuses on three core priorities, with a set of tailored measures for adjustment to local specificities: 

  • Ensuring transparency and equal opportunities throughout careers, thanks to human resources policies and processes that treat all employees fairly

In 2016, Kering and the UN Women French National Committee signed a three-year partnership agreement to support the development of initiatives and enhance their impact, through financial support and active participation in the global organisation’s raising-awareness campaigns such as HeForShe.

The same year, Kering has got the Gender Equality European & International Standard (GEEIS), in the framework of a certification process designed by Arborus in association with Bureau Veritas Certification.

  • Promoting the development of female talents in the organisation

The mentoring programme, is one of the Group’s key initiatives in favor of gender equality. After two successful editions in France, in early 2016, Kering launched its Mentoring Programme in Asia Pacific (Hong Kong, Korea and Mainland China), allowing senior managers to share their expertise and experiences, so as to support the personal and professional development of junior female managers coming from different brands throughout a year. The programme will be rolled out in the UK, US and Italy in the coming months.

  • Inciting the managers to take an active part in this commitment to gender equality, particularly regarding the issue of work / life balance

A lot of initiatives such as telecommuting, flexibles hours, child care solution, advantageous family and sick leave policy, raising-awareness conferences…have been implemented within the Group.