Natural Capital Protocol launch

Natural Capital Protocol launch

Today marks the launch of the Natural Capital Protocol, the first ever standardised framework for businesses to identify, measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on natural capital.

collaborative effort between multiple business leaders, academics, conservationists, and policy makers, the Protocol aims to aid the shift towards a world where business conserves and enhances natural capital. In addition to providing input during the Protocol's development, Kering is also one of ten corporations who carried out a deep-dive pilot and implemented the Protocol across the Group's brands via its Environmental Profit & Loss (EP&L) account. 

By providing a standardised framework, the Protocol harmonises the many different natural capital approaches which existed, and guides businesses towards the information that they need in order to generate credible and actionable information around natural capital impacts and dependencies. The previous lack of a standard or framework to make sense of the market has made scaling solutions challenging, especially in business where performance must be measured against agreed standards. 

Alongside the publication of the Protocol by the Natural Capital Coalition, Kering also published its 2015 EP&L Report today. The full learnings and results, valued in euros, of Kering Group's 2015 EP&L are outlined in the report downloadable here. Speaking on the occasion, Kering Group CSO Marie-Claire Daveu stated "Our 2015 EP&L report marks the third year running that we have published our results. We have now fully integrated this pioneering natural capital accounting tool into our business, and it has become automated and standardised reporting within the Group. By doing so, we have created relevant and decision-ready information for our management and our brands. Overall, the EP&L is being used operationally to inform our product design, sourcing decisions and manufacturing research and development. Our EP&L methodology has also now been adopted into the Natural Capital Protocol and it is exciting to see that more and more companies are now using this natural capital accounting framework to understand their impacts and take action." 



Access the Natural Capital Protocol     

 Download Kering Group's 2015 EP&L Report