The Talks

Open to the press, to players in the sector and to the general public, the Women In Motion Talks invite prominent figures to share their experiences and viewpoints on women’s place and representation in cinema.

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“Through the Women In Motion program, Kering offers a prominent forum to those who want to change mentalities.” 

François-Henri Pinault
Kering CEO




Since 2015, Kering’s commitment to women has spread to the film industry through the Women In Motion program, in partnership with the Festival de Cannes. Its purpose is to highlight women’s place in cinema – an efficient lever to change mentalities and further equality.


A key pillar for the program’s visibility, the Talks are a chance for those who work in cinema (women and men producers and directors, actors and actresses…) to speak out, raise awareness, encourage debate and share experiences.

Nadine Labaki

Eva Longoria

Women In Motion roundtable

Leyna Bloom

Zhou Dongyu

Carey Mulligan

Salma Hayek Pinault

Emilia Clarke

Aïssa Maïga

Agnès Varda

Jane Fonda

Initially programmed as part of the Festival only, the Talks are now held worldwide and throughout the year. Since 2015, thirty-one Talks have taken place, nine of them abroad.




“Feminine expression must have its rightful place. Women have their own kind of energy but they are not given room to express it. The best way to get it is to take it.” 

Juliette Binoche
2016 Women In Motion Talk – 69th Festival de Cannes