Friday, June 5, 2020

Launch of a study about sustainable and regenerative cotton farming in China

Kering is delighted to share a study to help the fashion and textile industries transition to more sustainable cotton. This work was conducted in partnership with RARE, an international environmental conservation non-profit organization, and South Pole, a global climate consultancy. By working hand-in-hand with cotton farmers in China, the study assesses the feasibility of implementing regenerative farming practices and of scaling-up the transition towards organic cultivation, while also enabling international brands to achieve sustainability and climate goals. Specifically, with our partners, we worked to help farmers improve soil health, and then applied best-in-class carbon accounting practices to demonstrate how brands can measure the resulting carbon benefits.


With this study, we provide a concrete case for a real win-win: the potential development of insetting projects that could support Kering in achieving its Science Based Targets, while also creating positive, on-the-ground benefits for farmers, communities and the environment. Kering is excited to share this work with the industry, and looks forward to scaling the results.