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My EP&L App

To help achieve its goal of promoting broad awareness of environmental issues, Kering has developed My EP&L, an app that instantly calculates the impact of typical items in our wardrobe. Designed for students and the fashion industry, My EP&L is a tool to integrate sustainability in the creative process right from the start.
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Visualize the impact of production choices


The My EP&L app is based on the innovative EP&L methodology developed by Kering. Simple and intuitive, it immediately displays a product’s impact, starting with the extraction of the raw materials used to make it and ending with its sale in a store. The current version of the app is configured for four typical luxury products: a pair of shoes, an overcoat, a ring, and a handbag.


The product’s environmental impact is presented graphically according to the user’s design and sourcing choices – the type and origin of the raw materials, the geographic region where the product is manufactured, and so on. For each category, the app calculates the impact related to carbon emissions, water consumption, water and air pollution, waste, and land use. More than 5,000 indicators are factored in to assess the total impact of the finished product.



Test and compare scenarios


Users can also compare their choices with the best options to see where they can take steps to reduce their product’s environmental impact. For example, which would be better: A handbag made with French leather, lined with silk from China, and trimmed with Chilean brass, or a handbag made with American leather, lined with linen, and trimmed with bamboo from China? To find out more, download the app…

Tested initially with students in the Fashion Design program at Parsons School of Design (The New School), My EP&L was made available on the Chinese social network, WeChat, during Shanghai Fashion Week in 2017. The app is currently available in English and Chinese. 



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