Kering and The Explorers celebrate biodiversity

On World Oceans Day, Kering is reaffirming its commitment to protecting biodiversity and its support for The Explorers project.

environment day

Kering’s approach to sustainability is based not only on science and taking action, but also on raising awareness and encouraging people to get involved. As an influential Luxury group, Kering wants to highlight the urgency of the current situation and to help change behaviors. Today, more than ever, it’s essential for as many people as possible to play their part in safeguarding biodiversity. This is why Kering decided to support The Explorers as its main partner.


The Explorers project aims to reveal both the beauty and fragility of our planet. It seeks to explore, in order to communicate, and to better understand our planet, in order to better protect it. To achieve those goals, The Explorers draws on an active community, where everyone is encouraged to make their contribution.




The ‘Earth inventory’ that The Explorers wants to create should be a wake-up call and a natural reason to take action. Acting today for the benefit of future generations and taking care of what we will pass on to them: this is at the heart of our sustainability approach as a Luxury group.  


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To find out more about Kering’s approach to sustainability, read our 2017-2020 Progress Report.