The Group’s pillar, Create, means creating innovative alternatives, driving change to influence the entire industry and sharing knowledge using an open source approach.

someone working on a creation

Through innovation and knowledge sharing, Kering espouses groundbreaking solutions and processes leading to a mainstream adoption of sustainable practices. The Group is committed to transparently sharing its knowledge using an open source approach, well suited to fostering result-oriented ideas and new talent.

Imagining disruptive innovation


Through collaboration with start-ups and academia, Kering develops new sourcing solutions and innovative raw materials. Disruptive innovation makes use of biotechnologies and circular economy principles, such as using recycled fibers to create new garments.

In 2013, the Group created the Materials Innovation Lab (MIL) devoted to sustainable fabrics and textiles. As the Lab continues to develop, the Group’s Houses have access to more than 3,000 fabric samples. A similar platform was launched for the Watches and Jewelry Houses.


Empowering future generations


Kering supports training new generations of designers. The Group has partnered with universities worldwide to design sustainability curriculums. For example, Kering has created a conference program in China’s Tsinghua University and at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the United States. The Sustainable Fashion Award is granted annually in London thanks to a partnership with the London College of Fashion.

In 2017, Kering partnered with the Fashion for Good-Plug and Play accelerator. The goal: to identify pioneering start-ups and support their development while ensuring innovation that embraces sustainability.


Finally, the Group put together a Young Leaders Advisory Group to encourage innovative and inspiring ideas.