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Latin America Concession Manager

Gucci - Regular
São Paulo - Brazil

Role Mission The Latin America Concession Manager oversees the regional planning, implementation and tracking of the different concessions projects.

Key Accountabilities



·        Define the scope of the projects in collaboration with the project manager, direct manager and other regional departments;

·        Create a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the projects;

·        Determine the resources (time, money, equipment, etc) required to complete the projects;

·        Review the projects schedules with the project manager and all other staff that will be affected by the projects activities; revise the schedule as required;

·        Determine the objectives and KPIs needed to drive the projects.



·        Ensure that all regional personnel involved in the projects receive an appropriate orientation of it and to the projects organization;

·        Define a regional governance model (as part of the WW governance model for the projects) in collaboration with the project manager;

·        Ensure proper and complete mobilization of regional personnel involved in the projects;

·        Ensure update of regional stakeholders by managing projects communication within the region in coordination with the project manager.


Manage the project

·        Develop forms and records together with project manager to document project activities;

·        Review the quality of the work completed with the projects teams to ensure that it meets the projects standards;

·        Monitor the progress of the projects and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the successful completion of it;

·        Write reports on the projects in coordination with the project manager to update key stakeholders;

·        Ensure change management activities are planned and executed smoothly to minimize impact on daily operations and to meet projects plan;

·        Manage relations and activities with all departments involved in order to:

       o ensure full alignment of all teams;

       o ensure compliance of projects decisions / implementations to company policies, processes,    procedures;

       o ensure that approval processes are applied at all times;

       o guarantee the most efficient planning and developments are put in place to meet the project’s goals.

·        Departments / functions involved and related activities are the following:

       o Project team: ensure full alignment and abide by projects plan;

       o Retail:

    - ensure activities are properly planned (such as store visits) in order to minimize impact on daily  operations;

    - ensure that any new process that is developed specifically for projects needs is shared with retail teams (HQ and stores) in due time;

    - ensure that any new process fits the company’s requirements in terms of brand positioning and customer experience;

    - coordinate with store operations to secure back-office activities, in terms of space, processes and organization;

    - cooperate with the department to develop training material;

    - cooperate with the department to secure hiring of dedicated in-store personnel within due time.

       o Merchandising:

    - cooperate with the department to define the best strategy in terms of merchandise to be sold on the concession platform;

    - define together with the department the list of SKUs to be sold on concession platform;

    - ensure that a specific delivery process is developed for the region and that related organization is put in place (items have to be delivered periodically to the store in a timely manner);

       o MarComm

    - Make sure that any communication-related activity or strategy is shared with and agreed by the department.

       o Legal

    - Ensure the department’s full involvement and alignment in key aspects (e.g.: commercial agreement);

       o Finance / Tax / Fiscal

    - Ensure compliance to finance and fiscal regulations and company policies by cooperating with  Finance and Tax departments and obtaining their approval on processes, when necessary;

       o Human Resources

    - Plan any project-dedicated hiring together with HR, in terms of timing for onboarding, costing and training;

    - Ensure organizational changes are agreed with HR and proper communication is put in place ;

       o IT

    - Cooperate with Gucci and Kering IT departments to plan and set up needed system customizations, interfaces development and any other IT-related activity according to overall project’s milestones and deadlines (where needed and if not defined already during Milan pilot);

       o Logistics

    - Ensure processes (e.g.: returns) abide by company policies.

  • Full time
  • Amérique du Sud
  • Brazil

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