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    BOUCHERON Trade Marketing Manager

    Boucheron - Regular
    Tokyo - Japan

    1858年にフレデリック・ブシュロンが創業したブシュロンは、ジュエリーの聖地として知られるパリ・ヴァンドーム広場にブティックを開いた最初のハイジュエラーです。フレンチエレガンスとクリエイティビティの最高峰であるハイジュエリーを160年以上の長きにわたり創り続けてきました。自由で大胆な精神によって創り出される革新的な作品は、世代を超えて受け継がれ、世界中の名だたる顧客たちに愛されています。 ブシュロンは、規範や慣習にとらわれず、身に着けるジュエリーを選ぶ自由を提案し、ジュエリークリエイションにおいて、その「自由な精神」を表現してきました。いつの時代も、美しいジュエリーによって女性の独自性を明らかにし、自分のスタイルと個性を表現する女性の自己実現を応援し続けてきたのです。 ブシュロンを象徴する4つのモチーフをグラフィカルかつモダンに解釈した「キャトル」や神秘的かつフェミニンな「セルパンボエム」は、メゾンを代表するアイコニックなコレクションです。自由にミックス&マッチを楽しみながら、様々なオケージョンやファッションで、自分らしいスタイルを叶えてくれるタイムレスなデザインが魅力のジュエリーが揃います。


    Position summary :

    The purpose of this role is to plan and implement all types of events, promotions, in-store animations, store visual merchandising, store related tools (client gifts, store collaterals, store served food/beverages) in order to provide highly qualitative Boucheron brand experiences/services that contributes to brand image enhancement, to generate further desirability and royalty.

    A person at this position reports to Marketing & Communication Director, Boucheron Japan and has two subordinates. one who works for Trade Marketing and Events, one who works for Visual Merchandising.

    Report to : Marketing & Communication Director



    Based on yearly marketing strategy and calendar, plan and execute events and in-store promotions, pop-ups, in close relation with HQ teams across departments (Event and Communication team, VM and Store Design team, 360 Marketing team) as well as local team of various Departments (Retail team, Store Managers, Operation, Security and Finance team)

    For planning, the role requires sophisticated understanding of luxury maison, its uniqueness including its history, its vision/mission/and identity and possess a high level understanding of maison’s competitive advantage. It requires not only skills on creativity, attentiveness to the details, but also strong operational agility under multi-task, and complex situation.

    Development of event contents includes concept proposal, adaption to local specific needs to attract local target audience, and full execution at operational level. It requires operational agility, flexible mind set, strong and compelling negotiation skills in Japanese and English.

    Events and promotion types include HJ events for clients and press, open to public events, in-store events, pop-up stores of various scales & specs, seasonal boutique animations, seasonal VM decors, bridal fair, and other POS related events. In order to present the maison’s worldview and offer a unique experience, constant exploration of new venues, services and partners, a mindset of watching out the market trend, competitor’s event contents and benchmarking is required.

    Whilst primarily event objective is to offer a unique brand experience, the content needs to be tailored according to the different objective/goal to the event, which varied from sales, qualitative traffic, client data acquisition. The target audience will include top VICs, VICs, customers, prospects, press.


    The position requires to manage and control event agencies, event fixtures, budget planning and reporting. The budget includes event executional budget, sales target per event and ROI, efficiency check and debrief reporting for further improvement. Operational tasks include:

    - Control of event budget (monthly phasing and yearly total), reporting of sales generated, reporting of ROI), control of VM and Sales tool budget

    - Proactive sharing of event information, leading operational meetings and assigning tasks across departments, execution of event on the spot with full operational orchestration

    - Create reports, share improvement points


    - Manage print collaterals, including production of invitations, catalogs, leaflets, direct mailing materials etc., development of gifts, other store related tools.


    - Develop VMD plan aligned with company’s strategy, and ensure consistency across all channels

    - Propose local needs to HQ. monitor competitors work/initiatives

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