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    Clean by Design

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    Crafting change within Italy’s luxury supply-chain, the Kering Clean by Design programme has just concluded its first phase at 24 of the Group’s textile mill suppliers.


    Initially developed by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), America’s largest environmental advocacy organisation, Clean by Design is a programme to improve water and energy efficiency at textile mills.


    Partnering in 2014, Kering and the NRDC applied the programme to the luxury industry, and to the European market, for the first time with a tailor-made Kering Clean by Design programme rolled out across the Group’s main dyeing, printing, weaving and yarn spinning suppliers.


    Each mill went through a resource efficiency audit, from which an individualised action plan was drawn up for to improve the mill’s current management, maintenance, and processes, whilst also implementing new technological improvements. Working hand-in-hand, Kering and the suppliers have to date instated over 150 energy and water efficiency improvementswith an average 2.5 years’ return on investment.


    In addition to such environmental benefits as 100% phase-out of fossil fuels and an average 12% reduction in CO2 emissions per textile mill, the programme has also resulted in economic savings, closer collaboration and greater transparency. 


    The results and recommendations of the Kering Clean by Design programme are 

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