Kering publishes 2017 group EP&L results


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    Kering publishes 2017 group EP&L results


    Continuing Kering’s long-term commitment to transparency, the annual Group Environmental Profit and Loss (EP&L) was published today. The EP&L is a strategic cornerstone for Kering’s business, providing an in depth analysis of the environmental impacts resulting from the Group’s business activities within its direct operations and across the entire supply chain. This, in turn, allows for sustainability to be embedded into daily decision-making and provides better visibility to develop robust policies to address the risks and opportunities presented by future environmental challenges.


    Since 2012, the EP&L has measured and monitored Kering’s progress in becoming more sustainable as a Group and, for the first time, the 2017 Group EP&L presents Kering as a luxury pure player through the EP&L’s scope and analysis. This shift is mainly due to the natural alignment of the EP&L use with Kering’s sustainability strategy and, accordingly, the EP&L’s new focus follows the launch of “Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury” across Kering’s luxury brands last year.


    The 2017 Group EP&L results reflect the efficacy of the Group’s sustainability efforts, which has a key focus on responsible sourcing policies and improving the environmental efficiency of its industrial processes while seeking optimum management of sites and activities. When analyzing the bigger picture of the Group 2017 EP&L results, Kering is on track on its reduction pathway to its ambitious 40% EP&L 2025 target.


    “I am pleased to see that we are on track to reach our 40% reduction target in our own operations and across the supply chain. This is no easy feat and in the next years we will continue to make inroads and focus on innovating new solutions so that we can achieve our end goal,” said Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of international institutional affairs at Kering.