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The Kering-CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) is the operational team responsible for coordinating IT security incidents or alerts that may impact Kering and its Houses.

Activities of Kering-CERT

Kering-CERT is an integral part of Kering Global Security team. Kering-CERT scope includes monitoring security events occurring on all components of the Kering information system and operate appropriate processes on detection and response to IT security incidents.

Main activities related to those processes encompass :
•    Detection of incidents.
•    Diagnosis, technical analysis, correlation, and triage of incidents.
•    Respond to and assist in resolving incidents and controlling remediation.
•    Reporting incidents to teams capable of intervening.
•    Coordination with other organizations.


For any notification related to a cyber threat, IT security event, alert or incident involving Kering as the source or target of an attack, contact Kering-CERT at:


Email :
cert [at]
Communications can be encrypted with our PGP key:
Identifier: 0xE6CEDCDE
Fingerprint: 9ACD17607DBBDC17C8CE1CADEC887AA0E6CEDCDE
Phone :
Regular telephone number: +33 6 80 60 47 48

Address : 
Cybersecurity / Kering-CERT
37 rue du Cherche midi
75006 Paris 

RFC 2350

This document contains a description of the Kering-CERT as implemented by RFC 2350. It provides basic information about the Kering-CERT, its communication channels, its roles, and responsibilities. RFC 2350 




The Kering-CERT is :
Member of the InterCERT France
Member of the FIRST

Listed on the Trusted Introducer TF-CSIRT