Wednesday, November 18, 2020

IFM-Kering Sustainability Chair Launches Certificate in Fashion Sustainability on 1-Year Anniversary

Following the creation of the IFM-Kering Sustainability Chair in November 2019, a new specialized certificate in fashion sustainability has been launched on the Chair’s 1-year anniversary.

The Chair was originally established to develop a first-class research and teaching center in the fashion industry, incorporating all aspects of sustainability from traceability to measurement as well as eco-friendly new business models. Since then, one of the Chair’s accomplishments has been the creation of a introductory course dedicated to fashion and sustainability, which was attended by 300 students. The Chair has now welcomed the first students who are starting the new certificate in fashion sustainability. Supported by Kering experts, the certificate’s curriculum has been designed to provide Masters students with the knowledge and skills across the main areas that are integral to advancing sustainability in the luxury and fashion industry. 

“I wish the new students the best of luck!  I believe that there is nothing more important than providing the framework to educate and inspire the next generation to not only understand the complexities of our world today, but to navigate the future sustainably.”   Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of international institutional affairs at Kering