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    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Success of VPE at Fnac

    Celebration of 350 graduates,
    Wednesday April 17:30 in the Grand Amphitheatre of the Sorbonne

    Fnac seeks to value its employees and its professions, and is one of the French companies that have invested the most in the VPE process. The results obtained have lived up to this commitment.

    More than 350 employees have benefited from this process since 2004 with almost a 100% success rate. Fnac is also the only French company to accompany candidates on the path to higher education qualifications.

    Isabelle Saviane, Vice President Human Resources of the Fnac Group:”Fnac is a company that combines high-performance, corporate citizenship and solidarity. By investing above and beyond the mere obligation to provide information about VPE, Fnac makes concrete commitments to its employees throughout this process. In so doing, it boosts their employability, and is committed to forging indispensable links between the world of business and education”.

    Francine Rechou, Fnac Development Manager: “Underlying this, there are capable professionals with few or no qualifications, who are talented, and at a certain stage in their life, have one goal: to get a qualification. We accompany these VPE candidates right through the process from beginning to end, from the writing of their supporting dossier based on their experience, to the point where they defend it before the jury. Within the framework of the Masters II Programme, my role as VPE coach involves being a genuine point of contact between actors in the university environment and our Fnac candidates. For all of us, whether accompanying or being accompanied, each year the experience is always unique and incredibly moving”.

    Fnac is proud of its success and is celebrating the 2004 to 2009 graduation and organising a degree ceremony for the 2009 graduation (58 graduates or 90% success), on Wednesday 14 April at 17:30 in the Grand Amphitheatre of the Sorbonne.

    VPE at Fnac in figures:

    An incomparable level of success:
    - 100% from BAC +3 to BAC +5

    - 80% from BAC to BAC +2

    The levels prepared between 2004 and 2009 (degree classification levels):
    - 70 % at level IV: BAC Pro Business (Sales Professions), BAC Pro Service (Customer Service Professions such as Cashier and After-Sales Service Attendants), BAC Pro Logistics (Stock and Merchandise Reception Professions)
    - 12 % at level III: BTS of Sales Units Management (SUM)
    - 10% at level II: Management Science Degree
    - 8 % at level II: Masters II Management Science E-commerce option

    In 2010, 59 VPE anticipated, of which:

    - 29 VPE level IV (BAC Pro) i.e. 49 %
    - 14 VPE level III (BTS of Sales Units Management) i.e. 23%
    - 9 VPE level II (Degree) i.e. 15%
    - 7 VPE level I (Masters) i.e. 12%

    The average age is 38 years

    Graduations include between 37 and 62 candidates.

    Portraits of Fnac Employees

    Vanina Deleau,
    Customer Service Desk Attendant in Reims,
    BAC Pro Service Graduate.

    Born in Epernay in Champagne, Vanina went to Reims at the age of 16 to pass her baccalaureate, but was unsuccessful. So she went to Antilles where, for 7 years, she held the post of hostess on tourist ships.

    In 2000, she returned to Mainland France, planning to build a boat jointly with schools, to share her adventure.

    Vanina joined Fnac in 2003 as a Customer Service Attendant and is equally at ease attending to customers on the till or at the ticket desk. This multiple skill-set secured her the post of Customer Service Management Assistant.

    Following a skills assessment in 2007, she decided to resit her baccalaureate to have access to certain training programmes. One of the possibilities that she had in mind was to become a professional inclusion adviser (“I am happy having customer contact and when I am helping people”). She obtained her baccalaureate diploma in 2009, within the framework of the VPE.

    “Professional life isn’t set in stone and the fact that I have my baccalaureate gives me an additional choice in my career path. I always need to be moving forward and learning”, states Vanina.

    Michel Jacob,
    Logistics and After-Sales Service Coordinator
    Management Sciences and Business Administration Graduate

    Michel Jacob was born in Saint Etienne, and passed his BAC B in 1986. He then worked as a photographer.

    In 1990 he arrived at Fnac as a photography sales assistant, on opening of the Saint-Etienne store. In 1995, he moved to the Fnac in Lyon Part-Dieu as After-Sales Service Manager and became Head of After-Sales Service for Rhônes-Alpes in 2004. In 2006 he was appointed Logistics and After-Sales Service Coordinator for the Rhônes-Alpes and East regions.

    It was his director who suggested that he enrol in the VPE, on the Degree course in Management Sciences and Business Administration.

    Once his enrolment was completed, everything moved very quickly: There was an initial meeting in November with the Development Head for the Managerial Division (Francine Rechou), the writing of his VPE supporting dossier (150 pages outlining his path) in December and acceptance of the Dossier in mid January.

    During this period, Human Resources Management took care of the administrative side of this VPE to enable the candidate to focus exclusively on writing his presentation, which he presented at the end of February to the Institute of Management and Distribution at University of Lille 2. Michel also states that “without this faultless organisation, it probably wouldn’t have been as easy for me to get this degree”.

    For Michel, the VPE process “provided a strong structure to combine my career path with a general university degree and also provided personal recognition of skills acquired”.

    Karim Dali,
    Manager of Fnac Montparnasse,
    Management Sciences Masters II Graduate

    Hailing from Saint-Dizier in Haute-Marne, after leaving school Karim Dali obtained a BEP in mechanical construction design and a BEP in computerised accounting.

    He came to Paris in 1985 and worked for 15 years in small and medium-sized enterprises. At the age of 30, at night school, he obtained an economics higher education degree in international trade, with the same status as a Masters.

    In September 2000, he arrived at Fnac and embarked on a richly varied career path: Logistics manager at the Fnac in Parly 2, Head of Logistics Activities for the Regional Management of Ile-de-France, back to Parly 2 as Manager of the Computing Department, Computing Coordinator for Ile-de-France, and then National Coordinator for implementing a new mobile phone concept. In 2005 he became a Fnac Store Manager for the first time, at Noisy-Le-Grand. Three years later he was appointed Manager of Fnac Italy 2 and two months ago, Manager of Fnac Montparnasse, one of the jewels in the Fnac crown.

    Whilst he was Manager of Italy 2, Karim decided to take up the VPE challenge and enrolled in the Management Sciences Masters II Programme at the University of Lille II. With two days of lessons per month for 5 months, this was a challenge to rise to. With his thesis on the subject “How the physical distributor can continue to be a source of value for the customer”, he obtained his degree with flying colours.

    For Karim, taking up studying again enabled him to “get a higher perspective, become immersed once more in books on economic theory, study sociological factors to understand consumer phenomena, and therefore to better understand the Fnac environment.” “This Masters II Programme gave me some objectivity about my activity and enabled me to think more globally to act more locally, and to incorporate theoretical concepts that give meaning to my activities”.

    Reminder…What is VPE?

    In 2002, a new French Law made it possible to validate professional experience.
    This law consolidated and promoted access to training throughout an individual’s life.

    The Validation of Professional Experience is an individual voluntary project. It’s an official certificate that recognises skills acquired through experience.

    This individual process offers each individual the opportunity of obtaining a state diploma that they have not been able to obtain through prior training.

    It is a powerful training method because of the level of task analysis that it entails. The candidate is valued and given responsibility, and plays an active role in their own assessment.

    Three years of experience in a professional activity, (both paid and unpaid) in the field of the degree in question, enables all or part of a degree to be obtained. This activity may or may not have been continuous and can be full or part-time, and under a range of contract types (permanent, fixed or temporary).

    Fnac Press Department Contacts:
    Gaëlle Toussaint: +33 (0)1 55 21 84 71 /
    Marie-Antoinette Gallimard: +33 (0)1 55 21 54 45