Women In Motion will host an exclusive Talk at the Tokyo International Film Festival

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    Wednesday, September 25, 2019

    Women In Motion will host an exclusive Talk at the Tokyo International Film Festival

    After the celebration of its Women In Motion program’s 5th year anniversary at the Festival de Cannes, Kering is pleased to announce that an exclusive Women In Motion Talk will be held at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October 31, 2019. The Talk will feature Shinobu Terajima, Mika Ninagawa, and Sputniko!

    750X550-WOMO-TALK-TIFF 1.jpg

    Shinobu Terajima is an established actress who hails from a family practicing the traditional Japanese form of art, Kabuki, in which, according to Japanese tradition, only men can inherit such a position. She has appeared in many theatrical plays and films, winning awards for her acclaimed performances. Mika Ninagawa is a photographer and movie director, whose works are recognized for her vivid colors and portrayal of women through her unique and fresh perspective. Terajima is also one of the most celebrated female photographers and directors in Japan and oversees, especially in Asia. Sputniko! is a contemporary artist and professor, whose film and multi-media installation works are renowned for their exploration of the social and ethical implications of emerging technologies and gender issues.

    These striking figures will come together to discuss their experience and views on women’s representation in the arts and culture in Japan.


    Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) is the only film festival in Japan accredited by the International Federation of FILM Producers Associations. Through this collaboration, Kering is strengthening itscommitment to women in the arts. Kering’s commitment to the empowerment of women, one of its standout priorities, extends into the world of arts and culture through the Women In Motion program. Since its creation in 2015, Women In Motion has showcased the creativity and singularity of female talents whose work in the fields of arts and culture is helping to transform our vision of the world.



    About Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF)

    TIFF started in 1985 as Japan’s first major film festival. Since then, TIFF has grown to become one of the leading film festivals in Asia and is the only Japanese film festival accredited by the International Federation of FILM Producers Associations. During the festival period, films from a variety of genres are shown in several sections. One of which is the Competition section, where a selection of premiere films by talented first timers and recognized directors, will be awarded the Tokyo Grand Prix. This Competition section is gathering international attention and acclaim, and in recent years, 1,829 films from 109 countries and regions were received. TIFF has also been dedicated to discovering and cultivating new talent, contributing to the careers of countless international film makers. TIFF also hosts TIFFCOM, an international market that serves as a platform for networking with the world’s film industries, developing international productions and promoting global film businesses.


    About Shinobu Terajima

    Shinobu Terajima is an actress born in Kyoto Japan. She has won more than ten best actress awards within and outside Japan for her performance in Akame 48 Waterfalls (2003, Dir. Genjiro Arato) and Vibrator (2003, Dir. Ryuichi Hiroki). She has also won the Silver Bear for Best Actress in the Berlin Film Festival 2010 (Official Competition) for her performance in Caterpillar (2010, Dir. Koji Wakamatsu), which was the first in 35 years for a Japanese actress. She also appears in the movie Oh Lucy! (2018, Dir. Atsuko Hirayanagi).


    About Mika Ninagawa

    Mika Ninagawa is a photographer and film director. She received the prestigious Kimura Ihei Photography Award in 2001 along with many others for her works. In addition to her photography works, she has directed numerous films such as Sakuran (2007), Helter Skelter (2012) which was screened at the 56th London Film Festival and the 14th Taipei Film Festival, Diner (2019), and No Longer Human (2019). Her 2008 retrospective exhibition, Mika Ninagawa: Earthly Flowers, Heavenly Colors toured several museums throughout Japan attracting over 180,000 visitors. In 2010, Rizzoli New York published her first international monograph, MIKA NINAGAWA. Ninagawa’s 2016 solo exhibition at Taipei MOCA marked a new record for the museum with nearly 130,000 visitors. Her 2017 solo exhibition, MIKA NINAGAWA, was her biggest retrospective in China held at Shanghai’s Lafayette Art & Design Center. In 2014, Ninagawa was appointed as one of the executive board members for the 2020 Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, by virtue of her experiences and insights in arts and culture.


    About Sputniko !

    Sputniko! is a Japanese-British artist based in Tokyo. She is known for her film and multi-media installation works which explore the social and ethical implications of emerging technologies. Sputniko! is currently an Associate Professor at the Tokyo University of Arts. From 2013 to 2017, she! was an Assistant Professor at the MIT Media Lab, where she founded and directed the Design Fiction group. She gave a TED talk as a TED Fellow in 2019 and she was also chosen as one of Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum in 2017.


    About Women In Motion

    Launched in May 2015 by Kering, a partner of the Festival de Cannes, Women In Motion is an integral part of the Festival official program and has extended its reach around the world through a series of events. The program aims to shine a light on women’s contribution to the cinema industry, both in front of and behind the camera, as well as in all creative fields. Women In Motion rewards inspirational figures and talented young women with its awards, and also offers cinema’s leading female lights a chance to express their views on the representation of women - whether onscreen or within the industry in general - through its series of Talks. Since its launch at Cannes, the program has sought to extend its reach into other areas of artistic production where gender inequality is present; among them photography, notably tackled though a comprehensive partnership with Les Rencontres d’Arles.


    About Kering

    A global Luxury group, Kering manages the development of a series of renowned Houses in Fashion, Leather Goods, Jewelry and Watches: Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Boucheron, Pomellato, Dodo, Qeelin, Ulysse Nardin, Girard-Perregaux, as well as Kering Eyewear. By placing creativity at the heart of its strategy, Kering enables its Houses to set new limits in terms of their creative expression while crafting tomorrow's Luxury in a sustainable and responsible way. We capture these beliefs in our signature: “Empowering Imagination”.

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