Women In Motion partners with Kyotographie 2023

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Women In Motion partners with Kyotographie 2023

For the third consecutive year, Kering is partnering with the Kyotographie international festival through its Women In Motion program. To mark the occasion, Women In Motion is supporting the exhibition “Views through my window,” a dialogue between Ishiuchi Miyako and Yuhki Touyama, which presents an encounter between the works of two Japanese women photographers. Discover this unique exhibition showcased in the heart of Japan’s traditional city from April 15 to May 14, 2023.

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Introducing “Border”, the theme of Kyotographie 2023

Since 2021, the Women In Motion program supports Kyotographie, the must-attend photography festival which brings together acclaimed artists and young talents to offer a fresh perspective on photographic art. This year’s theme, “Border”, explores how these lines identified as physical, transient, and temporary shape our existence and frame our experience; how they can protect, destroy, discriminate, and differentiate life in all forms. 

Against this backdrop, Women In Motion is lending its support to the exhibition “Views through my window”, a dialogue between Ishiuchi Miyako and Yuhki Touyama that creates an inspiring dialogue between an established artist and an emerging talent. 



Kyotographie 2023 featured artists

The exhibition juxtaposes the works of these Japanese women photographers from different generations, drawing a line between past, present and future. Created by Ishiuchi Miyako, “Mother’s” captures the story of the artist’s mother through close-ups of her clothing and personal belongings. The series bears witness to the sphere of intimacy while also shining a light on the changing place of women in contemporary Japan. With its wide-angle shots and images in motion “Kyoukai-sen 13 (Line 13)”– the series published by Yuhki Touyama – focuses on works she began following the death of a friend, and her latest work, which depicts her days caring for her grandmother. Enjoy the synergy between these two artists and the crossover of their photographic art works that transcend generations.


Ishiuchi Miyako

Ishiuchi Miyako was born in the Gunma Prefecture. In 1979, she won the fourth Kimura Ihei Award for her work Apartment. Later, in 2005, Miyako represented Japan at the Venice Biennale with her series Mother’s. In 2007, she began her internationally-renowned series ひろしま/hiroshima, for which she photographs belongings of atom bomb victims (hibakusha). In 2013, Ishiuchi Miyako received the Japanese Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon, and in 2014 the Hasselblad Award (known as the ‘Nobel Prize for Photography’). She won the Asahi Prize, which honors individuals and groups who have made outstanding accomplishments in the fields of academia and the arts and have significantly contributed to the development and progress of Japanese culture and society at large as of fiscal 2022.

©Ishiuchi Miyako Mother’s #39, Courtesy of The Third Gallery Aya

©Ishiuchi Miyako Mother’s #5, Courtesy of The Third Gallery Aya

©Ishiuchi Miyako Mother’s #57, Courtesy of The Third Gallery Aya

Yuhki Touyama

Yuhki Touyama was born in Chiba in 1983. In 2004, she graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts Department of Photography. Touyama’s work reveals the invisible world of life and death, time, sensations, and notions. Through her meticulous photography, Yuhki Touyama is able to express large swaths of time and grains of air in three dimensions.

©Yuhki Touyama

©Yuhki Touyama

©Yuhki Touyama

Practical information 

The exhibition will be held from April 15 through May 14, 2023, in the Chikuin-no-Ma room at Kondaya Genbei, in Kyoto.

*Closed on Wednesdays

Women In Motion and Kyotographie

Launched in 2015 as part of the Festival de Cannes, the Women In Motion program extended into Japan from 2017. This was followed by an initial Talk with film director, Naomi Kawase, and partnerships with prestigious Japanese festivals. Ever since, the program has stepped up its commitment to shine a light on women’s talent, expanding into new fields of the arts and culture such as photography.


The Kyotographie partnership was kick-started in 2019. In 2021, Women In Motion supported the “Women Artists from the MEP Studio: New perspectives in film and photography from France” exhibition, joining forces with the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP) for the ninth edition of Kyotographie. By supporting this exhibition in Kyotographie, Women In Motion is further developing its activities and commitments to helping women in the world of photography. It is also encouraging a debate about their contribution and recognition in both this discipline and culture and the arts in general, with inequality now being an issue for all areas of the creative arts.