Diversity and Inclusion

“More than a year after the death of George Floyd, Balenciaga believes this anniversary requires all of us to stop, reflect and think about these events. In his memory, and the memory of all victims of racist brutality, Balenciaga began a long-term partnership with the NAACP, where the House is committing to an annual donation to help support their over century-long fight for justice and equality as well as sharing the brand actions taken each year to further this cause. 


In commemoration, Balenciaga is sharing a masterclass, which discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion in corporate development, the significance of George Floyd in the fight to end racism, and why it is crucial for the House to be engaged with this cause. The video is hosted by journalist Aida Touihri and includes interviews with 5 experts on the topic: researchers, economists, professors, psychologists."


As Balenciaga renews its commitment and pays tribute to the memory of George Floyd, the House wants to use its platform to call attention to the NAACP and the work they do every day to fight against racism and brutality. Balenciaga encourages all its community to take a moment to learn more about their work as well as other social justice organizations, and help support this fight in any way they can.




This past year, Balenciaga has focused on supporting and building on its mission of creating a diverse and equitable workplace.


This effort has taken form with the following initiatives:

  • Commit to long-term donations and partnerships with organizations advocating for social justice and diversity including the NAACP in the U.S., Caritas and Oxfam (refugees and disadvantaged people employment) in Italy.
  • Reinforce our values internally by providing the support, education and trainings to ensure everyone at Balenciaga continues to stand up against racism.
  • Accelerate cultural progress internally and adjust our recruitment practices to get it right from the start, including empowering all managers to build and grow effective and diverse teams
  • Expand opportunity by ensuring our job offers are more inclusive to diverse backgrounds and different recruitment sources.



o    Conducting 300 hours of training to fully equip our recruitment teams and enable them to be change ambassadors. 
o    Identifying 20 new sourcing partners to help reach a wider audience of potential candidates. 
o    Working with third-party D&I specialists to help us identify and remove barriers to apply at Balenciaga.

•    Redesign our retail career path to allow for more opportunity and advancement.
o    Currently, 80% of our employees work in stores and an average 90% of them hold positions that are limited in growth opportunities. 
o    Working to promote 40% of our retail employees, allowing them to benefit from our new career paths.
•    Continue our efforts to remove obstacles for women’s advancement, enhance our equal pay programs and build on our education and dialogues around D&I for all Balenciaga employees at every level of the business.