Our commitments

Balenciaga is committed to standing against racism and to building unceasingly a more inclusive workplace.

In 2021, Balenciaga shared awareness sessions, which discussed the significance of George Floyd’s death in the fight to end racism, the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in corporate development and why it is crucial for the House to be engaged with this cause. The video supporting those discussions is hosted by journalist Aida Touihri and includes interviews with five experts on the topic: researchers, economists, professors, psychologists.


Building on this awareness session and because Balenciaga believes dialog is key, the House provided collective dedicated education to its employees over this past year. Balenciaga initiated Inclusion & Diversity conversations for managers and rolled out an e-learning to fight Unconscious Biases reaching 100% completion for managers and 80% overall.


This past year, Balenciaga has continued to support and build on its mission of creating a diverse and equitable workplace.


This effort has taken form with the following initiatives:


• Continue to commit to long-term donations and partnerships with organizations advocating for social justice and diversity including the NAACP in the U.S, the Black Alumni of Pratt, OutRight Action International, Caritas and Oxfam.

• Accelerate cultural progress internally and adjust recruitment practices to get it right from the start, including empowering all managers to build and grow effective and diverse teams.

• Expand opportunity by ensuring job offers are more inclusive to diverse backgrounds and different recruitment sources.

• Partner with local organizations such as Share Africa to promote diversity in design and support a new generation of designers.