Mitigating climate change

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Mitigating climate change

Climate change is a difficult and multifaceted challenge, impacting all aspects of life on Earth. Kering has leveraged the most accurate available data, fostering a multidimensional approach so as to understand its impacts and identify the best solutions to avoid, reduce, restore, regenerate and, ultimately offset them.

At Kering, we are both convinced that companies are pivotal to combating climate change and aware of the vital link between climate protection and the long-term  
viability of our business. As such, the Group has made climate change a key component of its sustainability policy and has set itself ambitious targets:


In addition, as part of the Fashion Pact, Kering is committed to delivering net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement. In doing so, the Group is focusing its efforts on minimizing its emissions before offsetting any remaining ones. 

Kering supports offset programs that already help to conserve some of the world’s most bio-diverse forests while contributing to the livelihoods of local communities. In 2019, Kering committed to achieving full carbon neutrality across the Group. 


Climate strategy

Adopted in 2015, the Paris Agreement called on governments and businesses to ramp up their efforts on global warming, with a minimum goal of limiting worldwide temperature increase to below 2°C. To meet this historic challenge, Kering’s climate strategy uses a science-based framework to set specific targets within its supply chain.
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Kering is focused on minimizing its greenhouse gas and business-critical emissions. To achieve this, the Group has set science-based reduction targets and carried out specific programs.
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Restore and regenerate

In a bid to reduce its environmental footprint, Kering is continuing its ambitious offset program which covers the entire value chain. The Group is developing restoration and regeneration projects for forests and biodiversity.
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