Crafting tomorrow’s Luxury

Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury

“Luxury and sustainability are one and the same.” Reflecting this deeply held conviction of François-Henri Pinault, sustainability is at the heart of Kering’s strategy as much as its creative and modern vision of Luxury. By the same token, it is an ethical necessity and a driver of innovation and value creation for the Group, its Houses, and its stakeholders.


In conversation with...Camille Charrière

Through its In Conversation with series, Kering invites experts and prominent figures to discuss the topics of luxury, fashion and sustainability. In this first episode, Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Officer, speaks with Camille Charrière, one of the fashion industry's leading influencers, about Kering’s long-standing commitment to shaping a more sustainable industry and the growing influence of environmental issues on social media.

2017-2025 roadmap

Care, Collaborate, Create. Three pillars to develop more sustainable and more responsible Luxury. Three pillars that shape Kering’s 2025 Sustainability Strategy in a world where reducing resource consumption and respecting people are absolute necessities. Three pillars that embody and drive our ambition: to craft tomorrow’s Luxury.


Environmental Profit & Loss

Kering has developed an innovative tool for measuring and quantifying the environmental impact of its activities. The Environmental Profit & Loss (EP&L) account is a key enabler of a sustainable business model, and one that Kering wishes to share with its peers in the Luxury industry and other sectors.


News and resources

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