Revealing the beauty and fragility of our planet with The Explorers

In revealing the beauty and the fragility of our planet, The Explorers’ project assesses the challenges of biodiversity protection and the need to take action. It reflects Kering’s approach to sustainability, based on science and taking action, as well as raising awareness and encouraging involvement from as many people as possible. As such, the Group is reaffirming its partnership with The Explorers. Each month, Kering publishes new content that provides an insight on the challenges of biodiversity protection.

Exploring in order to communicate, and knowing better to protect better

At Kering, we are convinced that the protection of biodiversity and resources is a collective endeavor. To this end, we aspire to increase awareness among as many people as possible of the environmental challenges at stake, where everyone is encouraged to make their contribution. 

Since 2020, this is why Kering has decided to support The Explorers as its main partner. The globe-trotting Explorers’ teams take an inventory of the Earth’s natural, cultural and human heritage, showcased in ultra-high-definition (8K/4K/HD) photos. Local populations express their views in each new expedition, which is used to develop and enhance this inventory. The Explorers have shared their discoveries by developing a platform that combines photos, illustrations, videos and documentaries.

The expeditions reveal the beauty and the fragility of biodiversity in equal measure. In an effort to raise public awareness of the challenges related to biodiversity, Kering will share a monthly selection of photos and videos from The Explorers’ platform. 

Discover The Explorers

To learn more about Kering’s sustainability strategy and the initiatives taken to safeguard our planet, click on the dedicated section.


The sea, lakes and oceans form the cornerstone of biodiversity. These spaces, which constitute real reserves of fauna and flora, are now under threat from global warming and rising sea levels. Discover a few treasures of underwater biodiversity which includes blacktip reef sharks, narwhals and coral reef ecosystems.

A paradise for sharks

The waters of Rangiroa's lagoon are the meeting place for hundreds of gray and blacktip reef sharks. They have found their happiness: the waters are warm, full of fish and the current is so strong that they do not even need to move.

Whale shark

620 miles long, the Mesoamerican barrier reef is second only in size to The Great Barrier Reef of Australia. And the reef’s most illustrious visitors is definitely the giant of the seas: the whale shark. Nobody really knows exactly where and when the sharks appear. Despite their colossal size, they are often invisible.

The camouflage king

The wobbegong, or Orectolobidae, is a camouflage king. At the bottom of the water, it does not move a lot, and waits for its prey to come: it is a poor swimmer. The body of the wobbegong shark is wide and flattened, most species have a length of 4.1 feet.


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