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A place for every talent

At Kering, talent comes first. We are committed to diversity in the workplace; we believe diversity in all its forms – gender, age, nationality, culture, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation – is a source of creativity and enriches us all. Diversity opens up opportunities for people to express their talent, both individually and collectively, and diversity helps us adapt to a changing world. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we welcome and consider applications from all qualified candidates, regardless of their background.

Talent first and always


With 49,000 employees around the globe, diversity is part and parcel of every day life at Kering. Across our Group, we share the belief that an inclusive company culture is a rich source of creation and innovation. We made our belief a reality in 2004 with the signing of our Diversity Charter—making Kering a pioneer for workplace diversity in France. The charter, which commits to a Group-wide inclusive hiring policy, engages every employee to support diversity and condemn all forms of workplace discrimination.




Forging gender parity


With our 2025 sustainability strategy and long-term vision, the Group has introduced a series of tangible pledges that work toward accomplishing gender parity, including promoting equal opportunities for men and women at every level of the Group and the launch of a global mentoring program for women.

In 2010, the Kering Group launched an internal program to advance gender equality within the Group and was one of the first signatories of the Women’s Empowerment Principles charter established by UN Women and the United Nations Global Compact.

At Kering, we are committed to gender equality. We continually push boundaries in the luxury industry; and today our tenacity is paying off. In 2016, we were awarded the International & European Gender Equality (GEEIS) label in recognition of exemplary work toward gender equality carried out by our European corporate offices. In 2021, Refinitiv ranked Kering 9th out of 11,000 global organizations on their Diversity and Inclusion index. 


“ We welcome and nurture multi-dimensional diversity because we know with diversity and inclusion comes collective intelligence, a fundamental concept at Kering. ”

Béatrice Lazat
Chief People Officer


Today women at Kering account for 64% of our total headcount; 58% of managers; 42% of our Executive Committee and 56% of our Board of Directors (excluding Directors representing employees) – placing Kering well ahead of other CAC 40 companies in terms of gender equal leadership.

We want to go even further. Our bold 2025 vision is to reach gender balance and end the gender pay gap - at every level of our Group.




Shaping tomorrow’s leaders


We are passionate about inspiring our audacious, bright talent. This means supporting women so they can flourish and step up to leadership roles. So we give high potential employees access to innovative and inspirational global conferences and seminars. 
That’s why Kering is honored to take part in the annual EVE international seminar. The EVE seminar shares our commitment to shape resourceful, dynamic leaders for tomorrow - leaders who will continue to drive our bold vision of diverse, modern luxury.