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    GUCCI Digital Front End Developer

    Gucci - Regular
    MILANO - Italy

    Gucci has been on the forefront of digital innovation since first embracing ecommerce in 2002. Today, is present in 34 countries across Europe, North America, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East, with sales coverage of over 90% of the addressable global market. Gucci has already created great shopping experiences by making bold choices and fostering a culture of creativity, innovation and risk-taking. The digital experience is our product and that product must be built around enabling technologies created by empowered engineers and designers. The Global Digital team has a clear vision, and we believe that to build the best digital fashion solutions in the world, we must cultivate an excellent internal product development organization. We are staffed and mentored by long-time software craftsmen with a passion for agile software engineering and sound technical culture; we are looking for similarly minded software engineers.

    What We Offer

    • We are organised in product-oriented teams and are aligned around customer-first experiences.
    • We collaborate directly with business stakeholders to achieve quality first.
    • We have created a flat organization of self-managed product development teams.
    • We are moving towards an architecture based on business services, which will free us to innovate in our unique sector.
    • We offer great training on software engineering practices, from design to continuous deployment.
    • We provide a technical career path, with pay according to your skills and value for the team.
    • We offer a pleasant and productive work environment in the heart of Gucci headquarters.

    What You Will Do

    • You will help in creating a positive technical culture where helping and asking for help is second-nature.
    • You will design and write excellent JavaScript (or cousin) code, or any other language needed to deliver great software.
    • You will work to make the distinction between live code and development code irrelevant. You will pair with your colleagues to write better software.
    • You will review your team's code and provide helpful criticism and improvements.
    • You will write tests in multiple ways at multiple times, to help your design and to ensure you never have to fear a change.
    • You will take time to learn anything you need to work well and solve problems.

    We are starting to contribute to opensource, as part of our quest for quality and giving back to technical communities. It's not much yet, but it can give you a hint on the nature of our work. Check out here:

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