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Vincenzo Castaldo

Creative Director

As Creative Director, Vincenzo Castaldo subverts the rules in a constant search for new harmonies while preserving Pomellato's distinctive style.


"Pomellato is unique because it is the prêt-à-porter of jewelry. Defying traditional jewelry convention, our collections define a contemporary elegance."


Savoir-faire, uncompromised quality and strong creativity permeate each and every Pomellato creation, down to the smallest detail.


"Having our atelier in-house allows Pomellato the unique ability to experiment and innovate solutions. With this inventive approach to jewelry creation, we are able to maintain our unconventional, open spirit. But most of all, we are able to give every jewel the organic, slightly irregular and ultimately human touch that has become the authentic Pomellato signature. Of course, this is only made possible with handmade products."


"Without exception, we find our inspiration in natural, organic sources. The stones we use and their incredible colors play a role in it too of course. And our desire to push boundaries helps to guide the entire creative process: you'll find a constant, fruitful dialogue between what the mind can conceive and what the hand can bring to life."


In his role as Creative Director, Vincenzo navigates both poetry and balance, as unconventionality must not be confused with over-design. "An unconventional jewel is in fact very simple -- it has a distinctive, surprising personality, which renders it unique. At every step of the process, we have a woman in mind, and that makes the difference: our wish is to make women feel beautiful, joyful and self-confident, and hence empowered."


"We were born in Milan and we still create our jewels in Milan: this is an integral part of our identity," concludes Vincenzo Castaldo. "Our world is both bold and understated, in such ways that only this paradoxical city can express. There is so much of an Italian feeling in what we do, and with this, we blend contrasts into beautiful harmonies."