Kering unveils Fashion Our Future, its podcast on fashion and the environment

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Kering unveils Fashion Our Future, its podcast on fashion and the environment

Unveiled in 2023, Kering's Fashion Our Future podcast invites people to rethink the relationship between fashion and our planet, spotlighting topics such as raw materials, traceability, circularity and new materials. Listen to the experts who strive to positively impact the fashion industry, and make it more sustainable. 

Shaping tomorrow's fashion industry

Can we trace the production of a garment back to its raw materials? What is the connection between a sweater and biodiversity? How can production and manufacturing processes be revolutionized? Why design new materials? To answer these insightful questions and provide food for thought, Kering launches the Fashion Our Future podcast. Because fashion is one of the world's most polluting industries and its activity is directly dependent on natural resources, acting for sustainable and ethical fashion is vital. It is also a source of creativity and a driver of innovation, as mentioned by the experts interviewed by journalist and fashion lover, Laurianne Melierre.

Despite the current initiatives and groundbreaking solutions, more eco-responsible action is needed. Over the course of five episodes, the Fashion Our Future podcast explores sustainability – one of the keys to transforming the luxury fashion industry. 

Happy listening! 

Episode 1: It's time for a Rawvolution!
Episode 2: Trace me if you can!
Episode 3: Embracing a circular way of life
Episode 4: When fashion meets tech
Episode 5: Adopting conscious consumption

About Fashion Our Future

Fashion Our Future is a podcast hosted by Laurianne Melierre, brought to you by Kering and produced by Kikina Studio. And so begins the fashion revolution... stay tuned for season 2! 


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