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Innovating for tomorrow

Innovation is key to meeting the targets we’ve set to reduce our footprint as well as addressing the challenges faced by our industry as a whole. Discover our sustainable innovation strategy and the key pillars of research and development.

Kering set a 40% reduction target for its EP&L by 2025. We are already halfway there. The only way to achieve our goal is by rolling out disruptive solutions.

As such, the Group and its Houses maintain constant dialogue with start-ups as they tirelessly strive to identify new partnerships in order to develop more innovative and responsible practices and processes. 

Lastly, the transformation of the luxury industry is achieved by knowledge sharing. To this end, Kering champions an open source approach, sharing its progress with the entire industry.


Circularity ambition

Moving away from the conventional model of “take-make-waste” is not only about recycling. Transitioning to a truly circular economy requires a complete rethink of the way we produce and use resources as well as the way we extend the life of products.
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Raw materials

Raw materials and their related production processes are the centerpiece of the Group’s supply chain and its environmental footprint. As such, Kering strives to constantly repurpose them. At Kering, our goal is to ensure sustainable and fully traceable sourcing of raw materials.
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Innovation Labs

Through innovation and knowledge sharing, and in its efforts to reduce its environmental footprint, Kering espouses groundbreaking solutions and processes leading to the widespread adoption of sustainable practices.
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Production processes

Improved and optimized production processes are the driving force behind Kering’s social and environmental agenda. Kering ensures its capacity to continue sustainable growth through the development of new techniques such as metal-free tanning and the promotion of new practices that include regenerative agriculture.
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New business models

Change is an opportunity for growth. To secure its long-term prosperity, Kering is steadfastly working on disruptive innovations in order to transform traditional luxury models with a focus on digitalization, artificial intelligence (AI) and social innovation.
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Upcycling, recycling and regeneration

Upcycling, recycling and regeneration are key drivers in overhauling the fashion and luxury industries. Each and every day, Kering and its Houses work to develop new and more sustainable solutions by leveraging collaboration and innovation.
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