Why develop an EP&L?

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Why develop an EP&L?

An EP&L guides the Group in making business decisions to significantly reduce the environmental impact of its supply chains, production processes and sourcing of raw materials.
What are the benefits of an EP&L?


An EP&L provides a comprehensive and clear understanding of Group and House activities. It sheds light on areas in which Kering can implement solutions to significantly reduce its environmental impact, whether in its supply chains, production processes or sourcing of raw materials. The EP&L is applied in three stages:


  • establisment of environmental impacts,
  • establishment of models for diverse and complex Group operations and supply chains,
  • support in decision-making

    The EP&L rollout within the Group has served to implement initiatives that reduce Kering’s environmental impact and generate tangible benefits at every level of the organization.


1. Greater insight

Better understanding of main impacts and translating this into monetary terms is a means to evaluate locations, materials, processes, products and technologies.


2. Clearer strategic choices

By highlighting environmental challenges and opportunities, the EP&L helps to draft guidelines, measurable policies and targets to improve raw material sourcing.


3. Strengthened relationships

The commitment of main suppliers (from raw material producers to product assemblers) reinforces and ensures long-term collaboration to overcome environmental challenges.


4. Greater transparency

The EP&L fosters dialogue with Group stakeholders to share best practices and establish a mutual understanding of priorities.


5. Improved performance

A simple presentation of environmental impacts creates a broader understanding within the Group. The EP&L helps address drivers of change in Kering's supply chains and specifically around fluctuations in raw material quality and availability. It also provides a clear basis to assess the performance of Kering’s environmental projects and investments.