Kering hosts sustainability exhibition “Fashion & Diversity” in Tokyo

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Kering hosts sustainability exhibition “Fashion & Diversity” in Tokyo

Kering Japan will be highlighting the close link between fashion and biodiversity during a weekend exhibition at its Tokyo headquarters in November. What we wear everyday begin their lives in farms, fields, forests, and other ecosystems around the world. Also, not only does nature offer raw materials but it’s also an important source of inspiration for the designers. The event gives visitors the chance to discover and learn about the environmental challenges and solutions throughout the supply chain, from the extraction of raw materials to the final product on the shelves.
Fashion and biodiversity: a perfect fit

Kering is staging a unique event in Japan to highlight the importance of biodiversity and its relationship with the fashion industry. Open to anyone interested in fashion and the environment, the event is hosted at its Tokyo headquarters in Omotesando, Tokyo. As nature provides so many of the raw materials for its Houses’ products, protecting biodiversity is a key pillar of Kering’s sustainability strategy. Through stories, pictures, videos, and actual sustainable products from the Houses, the event offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about these themes. The various displays also present Kering and its Houses commitments to sustainability.

Delivering solutions to support biodiversity

Divided into six sections, the exhibition begins with a look at the close links between fashion and biodiversity. The visitor journey continues with the challenges facing today’s fashion industry, such as its use of natural resources and its impact on ecosystems in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and waste. Indeed, fashion’s supply chain is responsible for 5% of the world’s carbon emissions*. Along with a high demand for water, other challenges include the textile waste sent to landfill and the pollution of oceans.

For a major global group such as Kering, these issues raise key questions: ‘How can environmental impact be measured?’, ‘What’s the plan for protecting and sustaining natural resources?’ and ‘How can new solutions be found?’ The next three sections of the exhibition provide visitors with Kering’s answers, namely the Environmental Profit & Loss tool, the Biodiversity Strategy and the Materials Innovation Lab (MIL) and initiatives that are being taken by the Houses.


The final section sets out Kering’s sustainability commitments, covering areas such as the use of renewable energy, the restoration of farm and rangelands, and the traceability of materials. Meanwhile, a series of workshops and evening talks will give visitors a rare opportunity to explore sustainable fashion and the related challenges that lie ahead.


At a time when climate change is on everybody’s agenda and the rise of the global fashion industry is drawing on the Earth’s natural resources, questions are understandably being asked about the way forward. Kering has set out its strategies for a sustainable future and welcomes the opportunity to share its ideas and practices with others. Visitors to the exhibition will gain a real insight into the many different ways in which the Group is working to protect the biodiversity of the natural world and to meet the challenges that lie ahead.  




*Source: World Economic Forum, 2021 report “Net Zero Challenge: The Supply Chain Opportunity.”

Kering's commitments in figures
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Practical information

The exhibition is being held from November 26-28 at the Kering Building, 5-1-5 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Entrance is free, but pre-booking is required. To visit, simply click on the link below.


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