Safeguarding the planet

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Safeguarding the planet

At Kering, we are mindful of our impact on the planet and on society. To this end, we have made biodiversity conservation a key pillar of our sustainability strategy. As we are convinced that transparency and collaboration are what drive sustainable change, the Group reports on its progress, develops new solutions and supports innovative projects such as the Regenerative Fund for Nature.

To rise to the environmental challenges and make a significant contribution to creating a more sustainable world, Kering is committed to the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems. Since many of Kering’s activities rely on balanced and well-functioning ecosystems, protecting resources is paramount for maintaining the Group’s sustainable growth. Not only are these sustainability principles an integral part of its strategy, they are also an opportunity to reinvent its business and indeed Luxury as a whole.

Kering is convinced that protecting biodiversity is a collective project, and that a paradigm shift can only be achieved through collaboration. For that reason, Kering shares its progress and best practices with companies both within and outside the Luxury industry. By working at different levels – the Group, its suppliers, external experts and associations – Kering aims to contribute to long-term positive impacts for the environment and society.


Biodiversity strategy

Kering has launched a number of initiatives for the protection and sustainability of natural resources, which play a pivotal role in its activities. In 2020, the Group took this commitment a step further by unveiling a Biodiversity strategy comprising four stages: avoid, reduce, restore & regenerate, and transform.
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Animal welfare

At Kering, we believe it is paramount that animal welfare is improved across fashion and luxury production lines. Kering has rolled out its Standards and on-the-ground projects and participated in collective initiatives in an effort to drive positive change in supply chain practices on both a Group and industry-wide basis.
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