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    BRIONI Assistant Store Manager

    Brioni - Fixed Term (Fixed Term)
    Shanghai - Mainland China

    Job Family Group Description - Sales / Omni-Channel: Combines all positions within the different sales channels: retail, wholesale and e-commerce. Also includes all activities to support store management. Job Family Description -Store Management: Oversees and guides the stores to ensure a unique customer experience. Manages the relationship between clients and sales team. For the customer, this is the visible face of the brand. Sub-Job Family Description - Assistant Store Manager: Partners with the store manager to achieve business goals. Supports day-to-day running of the store, CRM activities, loss prevention, human resources management and visual merchandising presentation. Acts as a brand ambassador with consistently high standards to enhance sales and motivate store staff to excel.


    • 目标是超额达成公司所设定的销售目标,并通过不断建立和维护强大的客户基础,至少确保所有目标的实现。 
    • 通过分析销售数据和管理客户关系来制定近期和长期的目标计划。同时协助销售和激励团队。 
    • 监督店内促销展示和客户活动 
    • 持续了解当地和奢侈品市场趋势,了解竞品及其品牌活动。 
    • 与本地和VIP客户建立关系。 
    • 店铺准则和顾客关怀 
    • 与你的团队,其他相关同事和客户保持紧密关系,以及时处理和解决紧急问题 
    • 在遵守公司所有政策的前提下,展示标准的客户服务,巧妙地解决客户需求
    • 遵守并加强品牌的视觉营销指引
    • 确保对店铺的维护和保养进行最佳管理,调查并强调任何必要的店铺工程、清洁和其他行动。
    • 管理门店运营预算 
    • 以最有效的方式协助管理商店的运营,同时通过人员和运营成本,包括快递/邮费/改建和任何其他外包工作,最大限度地降低成本。
    • 人事管理 
    • 作为管理团队的关键成员,你必须以身作则,为所有员工树立一个卓越的榜样,从而领导和激励员工。
    • 掌握招聘流程,主导店铺招聘,寻找候选人,必要时进行面试。
    • 协助开展店内培训,包括:协调新员工的入职培训,产品知识培训;分享从新品系列讲解中获得的信息,并进一步关注员工,以确保他们的知识达到我们要求的高标准。
    • 对所有员工进行年度评估,遵循公司的程序,提供建设性的和全面的反馈,并制定个人发展目标。
    • 对员工的培训需求有所了解,并与人力资源部门联系,制定并实施培训以满足业务需求。
    • 定期向员工更新所属店铺业务表现,以及店铺规划。
    • 发展与技术、工艺、法律、程序、政策、设备和产品有关的知识和技能,并将其转化为实际应用,以有效和高效地完成工作。
    • 协助安排店铺轮班和加班
    • 记录店铺出勤缺勤情况,如假期和产假,确保店铺人手充足,减少冗余兼职人员。

    Your Responsibilities

    • Sales Objectives & Targets
    • Aim to exceed all sales targets set by the Company and at the very minimum ensure that all targets are met by constantly building and maintaining a strong client base.
    • Analyse sales figures and CRM activity to develop immediate & long range goal plans. You are also expected to sales associates & team incentives.
    • Oversee in-store promotional displays and customer events
    • Maintaining awareness of local & luxury market trends and monitoring local competition activity.
    • Building relationships with local and VIP clients.
    • Store Standards and Customer Care
    • Liaising with your team, other relevant colleagues and customers in order to identifying and resolving urgent issues
    • Showcase exemplary customer service and resolve customer situations diplomatically, whilst abiding to all Company policies
    • Adhering and reinforcing the brand’s visual merchandising guidelines 
    • Ensure best possible management of stores upkeep and maintenance, surveying and highlighting any necessary building work, cleaning & other action is undertaken
    • Manage Store Operating budgets
    • Assist managing store operations in the most effective way whilst minimizing costs through; headcount and operating costs including; couriers/postage/ alterations & any other outsourced work
    • Personnel Management
    • As the key member of the management team you must lead and motivate staff by being a role model and setting an exceptional example to all staff.
    • Taking ownership of the recruitment process, seeking authorization to recruit, sourcing candidates and conducting interviews if necessary.
    • To assist conducting in-store training including: coordinating the induction of new staff into the store, product knowledge; sharing information gained from the collection presentations and identifying members of staff who require further attention to ensure that their knowledge is to the high standard we require.
    • To carry out yearly appraisals for all staff, following the Company’s procedure and providing constructive and comprehensive feedback, as well as setting individual objectives for development.
    • To have an understanding of your staff’s training needs and to liaise with the HR Department to develop ways to implement your training needs.
    • Regularly updates staff on business performance, and new initiatives.
    • Develop and convert into practical application, the knowledge and skills related to techniques, processes, laws, procedures, policies, equipment and products necessary to do the job effectively and efficiently.
    • Assist co-ordinating rotas and overtime
    • Monitoring sickness and other absences such as holiday and maternity leave, ensuring appropriate cover is provided, limiting the use of agency staff.


    • 强大的销售推动能力 
    • 良好的团队管理能力 
    • 良好的英语听说读写能力 
    • 开朗,热情,良好的沟通能力 
    • 能够在压力下完成工作


    • Strong sales driving skill
    • Good team management skill
    • Good English in both spoken and written
    • Open, passionate, with good communication skill
    • Able to work under pressure

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