Kering launches digital EP&L and hackathon to drive greater transparency and innovation in sustainability



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    • Kering launches digital EP&L and hackathon to drive greater transparency and innovation in sustainability

    Kering launches digital EP&L and hackathon to drive greater transparency and innovation in sustainability

    To mark World Environment Day, Kering launched its new digital platform dedicated to its pioneering Environmental Profit and Loss (EP&L) account. The digital EP&L showcases Kering’s new, interactive 2018 Group EP&L report and provides access to unprecedented open data with an aim to support luxury and fashion players with information and insight into the complexities of their own environmental impacts. As a second step to leverage the EP&L data, a “Hackathon” will invite developers, tech experts and sustainability specialists to create a new generation of Apps and digital solutions to help close the gap on understanding the link between fashion and its impact on the environment.

    Kering initially created the EP&L in 2011 as a solution to measure, monetize and monitor the full environmental impacts of its business activities within its own operations and across the entire supply chain, including greenhouse gas emissions, water use, water and air pollution, waste production and land use change. As a continued commitment to open-sourcing and transparency, Kering has launched a new digital EP&L platform today and released its interactive 2018 Group EP&L report.  Browsers can now navigate through the EP&L results starting from the overall Group impact to specific details, such as particular materials, processing activities or sourcing locations.  The digital EP&L also contains the methodology for the EP&L and the aggregated data sets underlining it. These downloadable data sets include the Environmental Key Performance Indicators (EKPIs), which show the environmental impacts from the Group’s activities, and the valuation coefficients. This level of transparency allows unprecedented access to information about the relationship between business and the natural resources business relies on. Consequently, Kering’s stakeholders will have greater understanding of its impacts and supply chain resiliency. Furthermore, the data sets provide enough details to enable other luxury and fashion players to initiate their own EP&L analysis, which will offer critical new insights into their business and a pathway to mitigate their footprint.


    Coinciding with the announcement today, Gucci has also launched a dedicated version of the digital EP&L accessible on Gucci Equilibrium. The first house in the Group to adopt Kering’s original digital EP&L through a customized version on, Gucci now allows its community the opportunity to interact with its own EP&L for the first time. By detailing its sustainability progress, all of which is covered in full on its Gucci Equilibrium portal, Gucci is seeking to drive positive social and environmental change.


    Building on Kering’s digital EP&L, a 48-hour Hackathon is planned for October in Paris. This event will gather developers and experts who will leverage the EP&L data sets to create a new generation of Apps and other digital solutions that will provide transparency around fashion’s footprint. The Hackathon is inspired by the success of Kering’s ‘My EP&L’ App, which reveals the impact of typical items of clothing and helps designers and fashion students integrate sustainability at the very beginning of the design process. A jury comprising of executives from Kering, its brands and external experts will select the top three initiatives, and winners will be awarded monetary prizes totaling 18,000 Euros. Additionally, the winning solution will be developed and financed by Kering with the goal to use it within the Group.


    Sharing the underlining EP&L data will complement the methodology we open-sourced in 2015 to further help other companies gain greater transparency of their supply chains and clarify their impact on the environment,” said Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of international institutional affairs, Kering.  “Our Hackathon will leverage this data to innovate new tech solutions, which will undoubtedly support us in achieving our 40% EP&L reduction target. I hope this will also encourage a broader adoption of the resulting tools to facilitate the reduction of luxury and fashion’s impact on the environment and on biodiversity.”


    To discover the digital EP&L click here.


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