People in the supply chain

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People in the supply chain

The men and women employed directly by the Group and its suppliers are the cornerstone of Kering’s organization and its value-creating capacity. In an effort to sustain its high economic, environmental, ethical and social performance, Kering is committed to respecting human rights as well as safeguarding its heritage and diversity.

Human rights in the supply chain

Kering’s business conduct is founded upon the respect and protection of human rights. As an engaged and responsible corporate citizen, Kering is fully committed to all employees of the Group and its Houses as well as those working throughout the supply chain.
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Women in the supply chain

Women not only form an important part of our customer base and teams, but they also play a decisive role along the entire value chain. At Kering, one of our top priorities is to build a supportive and inclusive working environment for our women employees the world over.
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Preserving craftsmanship

Kering aims to bolster stakeholder engagement in preserving know-how. The Group places special emphasis on sharing such expertise, specifically through partnerships with specialized schools and universities.
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