Preserving craftsmanship

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Preserving craftsmanship

Kering aims to bolster stakeholder engagement in preserving know-how. The Group places special emphasis on sharing such expertise, specifically through partnerships with specialized schools and universities.
Preserving our rich heritage

Driven by the exceptional heritage of its Houses, today Kering is the custodian of considerable know-how. Safeguarding craftsmanship and perpetuating traditional know-how are both first priorities. In 2020, the Group developed a supplier-training platform and implemented special programs that seek to preserve age-old craft and local traditions.

Telling examples are Brioni’s Scuola di Alta Sartoria, Bottega Veneta’s Scuola dei Maestri Pellettieri as well as Gucci’s Alta Scuola de Pelletteria and Ecole de l’Amour within its ArtLab.

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Kering also partnered up with the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) to launch the IFM-Kering Sustainability Chair in November 2019. The Chair will seek to create a first-class research and teaching center in the fashion industry, incorporating all aspects of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).
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Hyères Festival

Kering is a long time partner of the Hyères Festival. Every year, the Group invites the festival finalists of the Fashion and Accessory competition to a masterclass on Kering’s approach on sustainable fashion.
Empowering future generations

As the main levers of its sustainability strategy, research and education are the driving force behind changes in the industry’s practices and models. Kering holds itself fully responsible as a Luxury group to train tomorrow’s generations of designers. The Group has partnered with universities worldwide to design sustainability curriculums.

In this respect, Kering has created a conference program in China’s Tsinghua University and at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the United States. 

In 2021, the Group renewed its partnership with the London College of Fashion. Following an initial five-year cycle and the creation of the first-ever fashion and sustainability open-access online courses (MOOCs) taken by more than 70,000 people, the partners have joined forces once again to launch Fashion Values. The latter is a leading-edge education program for fashion and sustainability.

Kering supports talented individuals who will shape tomorrow’s fashion industry. The Group is an official partner of the ANDAM (French National Association for the Development of Arts and Fashion) Fashion Award and the Hyères Festival.