The Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury challenge: Learn all about the circular economy

Kering is launching a public platform that lets users (re)discover the pillars and initiatives that shape Kering’s sustainability strategy. As the holiday season approaches, Kering has put together its first-ever challenge, which is dedicated to the topic of circularity. Best of luck to all participants!

Turn the circularity wheel

Kering will host a competition from December 20-26, 2021 to raise public awareness about the circular economy. For two weeks, connect to for a chance to win responsible gifts from our Houses.


Kering’s inaugural challenge gives participants the opportunity to learn more about the life of a product and how it fits into a circular economy: from raw material production, to reuse, sustainable design and the use of green energy. 



How does Luxury contribute to a circular economy?

Sustainable innovation is key to meeting the targets set to reduce the Group’s environmental footprint and to addressing the emerging challenges faced by the industry as a whole. Such innovation is a top priority of Kering’s 2017-2025 roadmap. In an effort to develop more innovative and responsible practices and processes, the Group has focused its efforts on several cornerstone issues. These include: circularity; raw materials; innovation labs; production processes; new business models; and upcycling, recycling and regeneration. 


Kering’s circularity ambition: deliver positive long-term impact

Moving from the conventional model of “take-make-waste” to a truly circular economy requires us to completely rethink the way we produce and use resources, but also to consider the entire life cycle of each product. This is why Kering published its Circularity Ambition in 2021, setting out its circularity approach with a focus on four priorities:
•    Promoting a luxury that lasts;
•    Adopting a holistic approach; 
•    Innovating for better resource management;
•    Collaborating with the entire industry. 


Discover Kering’s circularity ambition