Circularity ambition

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Circularity ambition

Moving away from the conventional model of “take-make-waste” is not only about recycling. Transitioning to a truly circular economy requires a complete rethink of the way we produce and use resources as well as the way we extend the life of products.


In an effort to relieve the pressure of its activities on natural resources, Kering and its Houses are developing a circular economy approach. To guarantee sustainable growth, it is imperative to drive positive change in industry practices and transform traditional models by taking action throughout the product life cycle.

The circular economy involves a new mindset that focuses on innovation, creativity and responsibility— all core Kering values. The challenge lies in increasing the longevity of products and reinventing the way we use and reuse materials. 

In an endeavor to meet the standards of the circular economy and deliver more sustainable growth, Kering unveiled its circularity ambition in 2021. The Group’s ambition focuses on four priorities: promoting luxury that lasts, adopting a holistic approach, making production processes more efficient and collaborating with the entire industry. 

Learn more about the actions the Group is taking for each of these priorities.

Luxury that lasts
Adopting a holistic approach
Making production processes more efficient
Collaborating with the entire industry