2017-2025 roadmap

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2017-2025 roadmap

Care, Collaborate, Create. Three pillars to develop a more sustainable and responsible Luxury. Three pillars that shape Kering’s 2025 Sustainability Strategy in a world where reducing resource consumption and respecting people are absolute necessities. Three pillars that embody and drive our ambition: to Craft Tomorrow’s Luxury.



The Care pillar: Kering is taking steps to reduce its environmental footprint and preserve the planet and its natural resources by using innovative tools, new practices, and original methodologies and by applying stringent standards.
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Convinced that close collaboration with its stakeholders ensures higher economic, environmental, ethical and social performance, Kering safeguards its rich heritage, promotes parity and diversity and strives to be renowned as an exemplary employer. Its 2025 sustainability strategy pillar Collaborate upholds these commitments.
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The Group’s pillar, Create, means creating innovative alternatives, driving change to influence the entire industry and sharing its knowledge using an open source approach.
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