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    Alexander McQueen Senior Client Advisor

    Alexander McQueen - Fixed Term (Fixed Term)
    Sichuan - Mainland China

    Job Family Group Description - Sales / Omni-Channel: Combines all positions within the different sales channels: retail, wholesale and e-commerce. Also includes all activities to support store management. Job Family Description -Retail Selling: Represents the brand to clients. Guides them at every stage of the buying journey. Provides support on styles, product characteristics and trends. Sub-Job Family Description - Supervisor: Guarantees the best possible experience for our customers. Provides style and product advice. Monitors the sales flow and runs promotional activities to meet our high standards on sales and services. Mentors junior roles.

    Alexander McQueen is a British luxury fashion house founded by Lee Alexander McQueen in 1992. In 2001, the house joined the Kering Group and, since December 2023, is under the creative direction of Seán McGirr.

    Alexander McQueen is distinctive for an expression of individuality, subversive strength and raw power. With a design studio and atelier based in London, the house is known for uncompromising quality and creative vision.

    At Alexander McQueen, we live and breathe a culture defined by our key Behaviours:

    • Empowerment – We empower our team and peers, providing unwavering support to ensure everyone can thrive; this means giving support to your team and those you are working with to succeed.
    • Teamwork – We put an emphasis on Teamwork; this means working together as a collective to achieve shared goals.
    • Respect – We value respect, treating everyone with dignity and showing genuine appreciation for their efforts: this means treating everyone equally.
    • Kindness – We believe kindness is integral to everything we do; this means demonstrating compassion and empathy towards others. 


    1. 服务水平能达到店铺前列和服务模范,优化给予客户满意度;

    2. 时刻维护确保顾客享受良好的购物经验;

    3. 以销售结果为导向,在销售环节中,能作为店铺翘楚并分享销售经验,提升团队气氛;

    4. 及时掌握仓储情况,确保销售的成功连带;

    5. 主动并充分利用VIP资料,对品牌和产品进行推广;

    6. 保证售前售后的服务水平一致并符合公司要求,以维护客户满意度和忠诚度,从而树立并推广品牌形象;

    7. 能够独立处理客户投诉,并向店铺管理层汇报处理结果;  

    8. 通过各种渠道不断更新流行趋势,了解竞争状况;


    1. 4年以上相关奢侈品牌工作经验;

    2. 高度的责任心与工作积极性;

    3. 良好的销售主动性和客户服务意识;

    4. 擅长应用社交传媒宣传品牌形象。

    Kering is committed to building a diverse workforce. We believe diversity in all its forms – gender, age, nationality, culture, religious beliefs and sexual orientation – enriches the workplace. It opens up opportunities for people to express their talent, both individually and collectively and it helps foster our ability to adapt to a changing world. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we welcome and consider applications from all qualified candidates, regardless of their background.

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