Kering published its 2018 integrated report


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    Kering published its 2018 integrated report

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    At Kering we think that to Craft Tomorrow’s Luxury, we need to go beyond our limits by supporting our Houses and engaging with the entire industry and our stakeholders. Kering’s integrated report release, inspired by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) framework, is proactively putting this principle into practice and aligning with the Group’s commitment to transparency. 

    As such, Kering’s integrated report delivers a comprehensive view of the Group’s global value creation gained from its creative, financial, environmental, ethical and social dimensions. Ultimately, the report allows for a deeper understanding of the fundamental building blocks that underline the Group’s value creation and the clarity gained can result in more informed decision making for the future.

    Each stage of Kering’s value chain is illustrated by the actions, commitments and results of the Group.

    For its second edition, the integrated report has been enriched by a presentation of our exceptional savoir-faire and an in-depth description of the financial, human and natural assets, that are key to value creation. The report ends with an infographic summarizing the entire value creation approach.