Women’s rights: Brazen stories

To mark International Women’s Day and as part of their Women In Motion program, Kering supports Brazen, the animated adaptation of Pénélope Bagieu’s comic, Culottées.

Affiche Culottées

Culottées, a comic by Pénélope Bagieu, showcases the stories of 30 renowned or anonymous women who dared to debunk prejudices and to change the world in their own way. Brazen is the comic’s animated television adaptation. It is produced by Silex Films, a company run by Priscilla Bertin and Judith Nora, directed by Mai Nguyen and Charlotte Cambon, and written by Emilie Valentin and Elise Benroubi. 


From its support of Women In Motion through to the launch and adaptation of the animated series of Brazen, Kering remains firmly committed to women in all the creative fields and supports those who wish to change things and raise the profile of women through the choices they have made, their careers, and their view of the world.


Brazen will be broadcast for the first time on TV channel on March 8th for International Women’s Day, and will then be shown twice daily from Monday to Friday on France 5, starting March 9th until April 17th (at 11.40 a.m. and after prime time). 

Annette Kellerman, "the mermaid"

Annette Kellerman was born in 1886 in Australia. A swimming champion and feminist, she was one of the first women to wear a one-piece swimsuit, leading the way for women to be liberated from constricting and unsuitable swimming garments. She later created a successful business marketing the trend-setting one-piece swimsuit. Annette demonstrated pragmatism and vision which changed the lives of millions of women.

Leymah Gbowee, social worker

Born in 1972, Leymah Gbowee grew up fiercely independent. When the First Liberian Civil War broke out, she was forced to flee her country and endured the hardships of being a refugee. She got married and her husband abused her for years. During this time, she trained as a social worker and learned first-hand how women were the primary victims of war. She went on to become an activist, uniting women against the war in Liberia and winning the Nobel Peace Prize for her work.

Hedy Lamarr, actress and inventor

Born in 1914 in Austria, Hedy Lamarr was one of the most famous Hollywood faces of her time. She was known for her beauty but this overshadowed her true vocation as an inventor. invented the patented ‘frequency-hopping’ process which paved the way for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.

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