Women In Motion, Music, and the Moving Image at the Sœurs Jumelles festival

For the second consecutive year, Women In Motion is proud to support the Sœurs Jumelles festival, a celebration of music and images and a gathering place for professionals in related industries. As a platform that champions equal opportunity, Women In Motion reiterates its determination to promote greater recognition of women across creative and artistic fields.

Soeurs Jumelles festival poster, Rochefort - 2022 - Women In Motion
A Festival for One and All

Founded in 2021 by Julie Gayet, Delphine Paul and Eric Débègue, the Sœurs Jumelles festival celebrates music and the moving image. Universal and inseparable, these two languages are embodied by Delphine and Solange, the twin heroines of the 1967 Jacques Demy film The Young Girls of Rochefort. 

The Sœurs Jumelles festival will be open to the general public from June 22nd-25th, 2022. Its eclectic lineup offers nightly performances dedicated to different musical themes (by reservation only) and a series of concerts (free entry). Through panel discussions, debates, screenings and shows, the Sœurs Jumelles festival offers professionals in the industries of music and the moving image a forum for gathering and exploring the challenges of each sector, to foster collaboration — an essential aspect in a time of great change for two sectors that interact constantly.  


Improving women's representation in creative industries

Parity and representation across creative professions are among the great challenges facing culture and the arts in general. For this reason, Women In Motion is committed to supporting the Sœurs Jumelles festival for the second consecutive year, with Talks designed to aid in the fight against women's invisibility within music-related industries. 



Please find below selected excerpts from previous Women In Motion Talks and interviews
Highlights from Soeurs Jumelles festival (FR only)

Women Composers Speak Out (FR only)

Featuring Audrey Ismaël, Julie Roué and Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen; moderated by Dominique Dalcan (singer-songwriter).

About the Sœurs Jumelles festival

With its transversal approach, the “Sœurs Jumelles, Rencontre de la Musique et de l'Image” festival provides a shared space for artists of the moving image (cinema, animation, documentaries, advertising, series, videos, video games, VR, among other forms) and creators of music (classical, electronic, urban, jazz, contemporary, among other genres). To this end, Sœurs Jumelles offers a platform for discussion, information and collaboration on shared challenges.


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